The Sims Mobile Giving Exclusive Rewards in Royal Wedding Event

Join the hunt.
Join the hunt. EA

For those looking to have their own fairy tale ending, now’s a good time to be in The Sims Mobile. The Royal Wedding Treasure Hunt event is launching February 11 and lasts until February 20. Players get the chance to earn some really exclusive items just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Hunt for Treasure

This event is pretty much like any other Treasure Hunt event that’s been launched in the game. Once the actual event is live, a map icon will appear on the right-hand side of the game. Just open it and find the X. Learn more about Treasure Hunts here .

For the upcoming event, here are the rewards players can get:

  • Grand Prizes
    • Queens gown for female Sims
    • Queens crown hairstyle for female Sims
    • Prince outfit for male Sims
    • Royal double-width staircase with carpet
  • Other Prizes
    • Prince charming hair for male Sims
    • Royal double bed
    • Large ornate windows (triple width)
    • Palace gate
    • Palace fence wall
    • Pendant chandelier
    • Royal curtains
    • Maxi dress for female Sims

Anniversary Treat

Did you know that The Sims franchise just celebrated its 21st birthday? With that, a Sweet Treat Showdown event titled “A Very Simlish Anniversary” is beginning February 22. This is an event where your Sims have the chance to see how they fare against professional chefs in a bake-off. Read about the mechanics here.

For this event, the rewards include:

  • Grand Prizes
    • Boombox karaoke machine with microphone
    • Plumbob DJ booth
    • Long ombre hairstyle with bangs for female Sims
  • Royal Box Prizes
    • Smoke machine
    • Bar display with quilted detail
    • Velvet sofa with quilted detail
  • Sweet Box Prizes
    • Disco ball chandelier
    • Velvet scalloped chair
    • Military jacket for male Sims
    • Heart-shaped sunglasses for male and female Sims
    • Lightning bolt-shaped wall mirror
    • Donut-shaped neon light
    • Fern pot plant

Other Features

If you think it’s all about events, then you’re mistaken. The events will arrive with an update and a new feature, which players who like to host parties can find interesting. Starting February 16, your Sims can now host an online party and you can have it in any of the houses that you own. That’s right! It’s time for some fun.

Not enough for you? There’s one more and it is exciting for players who have reached their four playable Sims cap. Once the update is live, it’s now possible to play as any adult Sims without the need to retire a Sim. Just swap between the playable and passive state anytime.

Learn more details about these new features here.

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