The Sims Mobile Invites You to Celebrity Life

Live the life.
Live the life. EA

Just in case you haven’t heard, the Sim Festival has arrived in The Sims Mobile. It’s going to offer players a new way to play the game, especially with the new daily and season tasks feature. There's another good news and it's Season One introducing players to Celebrity Life.

Each season lasts for 50 days and players can get Prize Tickets by finishing Daily and Seasonal Tasks. These Prize Tickets are used to unlock rewards.

Season One is offering players two prize tracks. The first is the Free Pass and is accessible to everyone. To get the rewards, players must reach the required tier. Meanwhile, the Festival Pass has to be purchased but offers more prizes for premium buyers.

Here are the rewards that players can look forward to:

  • Stylish wooden bathtub
  • Gold droplet coffee table
  • Leather and wood ottoman
  • Geometric marble flooring
  • Luxe wooden wall panels
  • Geometric bar unit
  • Wavey jumpsuit for female Sims
  • Wire and leather armchair
  • NPC – Venessa Jeong
  • House Template – Jeong Manor
  • Venessa Jeong signature plaque
  • Celebrity Life Trophy

Treasure Hunt Live Events

It’s not all Celebrity Life since those who want to look for the treasure can thank Smallfry later. That’s because Smallfry is back not with one but two Treasure Hunt events. Here are the events and the items offered as a reward:

  • Spring Wedding
    • Duration: 11-day event starting April 19
    • Grand Prizes
      • Brides Dress
      • Groom Suit
      • Twisted back female hairstyle
      • Wedding Arch/Arbour
    • Pyramid Prizes
      • Pompadour male hairstyle
      • Sweetheart table
      • Groomsman outfit
      • Bridesmaid outfit
      • Outdoor wooden dancefloor with fairy lights
      • Flower petal aisle
      • Podium for speeches
      • Strappy female sandals
      • Canape table and chairs
  • Walk-In Wardrobe
    • Duration: 11-day event starting June 1
    • Grand Prizes
      • Day Bed
      • Vanity mirror display
      • Vanity mirror seat
      • Hair up bun female hairstyle
    • Pyramid Prizes
      • Denim coat outfit for female Sims
      • Long hoodie outfit for male Sims
      • Modular shoe storage
      • Modular coat hanger storage
      • Modular corner closet
      • Modular cabinet
      • Floor rug
      • Bubble lights
      • Outfits and hairstyles

Other Events

There are other events in store for everyone which are:

  • Wumples Quest: 7-day event starting April 24
  • Sweet Treat Showdown "Modern Luxe" rerun event: 15-day event starting May 3
  • Wumples Quest: 7-day event starting May 8
  • Star Wars "May the Fourth’ costume quest rerun: 7-day event starting May 1
  • Sweet Treat Showdown ‘Charming Gardens’ rerun event: 15-day event starting May 18
  • Wumples Quest: 7-day event starting May 22
  • Wumples Quest: 7-day event starting June 5
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