The Sims Mobile Celebrates the Sim Festival

Join in on the fun.
Join in on the fun. EA

The Sims Mobile announced that the Sim Festival is here. This new recurring event has players finish new daily and season tasks to get rewards. Each Festival Season lasts for 50 days and starts with every new update. To know if a Festival Season is live, players simply need to look for a piñata icon found on the bottom right-hand side of the game menu.

For those wondering about the difference between Daily Tasks and Seasonal Tasks, the latter is exclusive to Festival Seasons. Additionally, players have until the end of the Season to finish the tasks, which often give larger Prize Ticket rewards than Daily Tasks. The former usually give players more gameplay suggestions like quests, hobbies, and even relationship stories.

Prize Tickets are the exclusive currency of the Sim Festival and can be redeemed for unique rewards.

In each Festival season, players are given the option to choose between two prize tracks: Free Pass and Festival Pass. The Free Pass offers prizes to all players and they can get them by simply reaching the needed tier. The Festival Pass, meanwhile, offers more prizes but must be purchased. Prizes in this track can be earned by getting Prize Tickets.

House Templates

The Sims Mobile revealed that players can now enjoy its new House Templates build mode feature. With this, players can build their dream home from a wide range of pre-built home designs. This not only helps players save time and Simoleons but also removes the stress usually accompanied by home building.

Making sure that players get the best game experience, the home designs have been curated by expert game designers. There’s no question that this new feature is good news, particularly to those who often get stuck at the start.

To get access to the house templates menu, players must reach Player Level 2. After that, they simply need to look for a new icon at the bottom right-hand corner. It should look like a house on a scroll of paper.

Learn more about his new feature here.

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