‘Sims 4’ Update April 2017: How To Become A PlantSim, Challenge Ends May 4

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PlantSim Sims 4
PlantSims' needs are kind of tricky. Sims Community

PlantSims, a life state first introduced in The Sims 2, was teased with the ice cream maker in Cool Kitchen Stuff where you can eat Plant Matter and temporarily become a PlantSim, though there were no special needs like previous iterations. Now, you can actually become a full-on PlantSim after downloading the new Sims 4 update released on April 13.

Where to find PlantSims? Call Jasmine Holiday to chat about the challenge, then head to the park in popular neighborhoods like Oasis Springs. Photo: Sims 4

So, how do you become a PlantSim? You’ll know the update was installed by finding the challenge interface menu in the top left corner. Unlike other challenges, Jasmine Holiday isn’t absolutely necessary, though you can give her a call for challenge information. Instead, you’ll need to travel to different neighborhoods to find townie PlantSims with Magic Beans. Parks are a great place to start. The magic bean you receive will depend on the PlantSims’ mood. Chat with them to get them into an angry, playful, sad, uncomfortable, flirty or confident emotional state.

Upon receiving your first bean, you’ll be rewarded with the magic stump, which will explicitly tell you which mood the townie PlantSim needs to be in to give you each colored bean. For example, they have to have a playful mood to give the purple bean.

PlantSim tree
You can keep the tree after the challenge ends. Photo: Sims 4

After collecting them all, water the stump. It will grow into a tree right before your eyes. This tree is a portal, which your Sim can explore and find the Forbidden Fruit of the PlantSim. Eat the fruit and voila. Just like photosynthesis, your Sim will gain the hunger and water need. This is where it’s kind of tricky. Take a shower, drink a glass of water, or swim to fill the water meter, then, go outside into the sunlight to fill your hunger bar. However, as you're out in the sun your water meter will decrease. Finding that balance is extremely important to keep your PlantSim happy.

PlantSim Sims 4
PlantSims' needs are kind of tricky. Photo: Sims Community

PlantSims are only a temporary life state lasting five days. Though, once your time ends, you can go back into the tree portal and drink the forbidden fruit again. While PlantSims will only be available to the end of the challenge, Game Designer Megan G said on Twitter there is a possibility a future DLC could expand on the beloved life state.

In addition to the PlantSim challenge, the update also fixes a few bugs, including how a toddler's voice changes as they age up to an adult, as well as Vampires breaking into community lots and getting stuck. Read the full patch notes here.

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