Sims 4: The Realm Of Magic Guide - Time To Set Your New Aspirations

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Achieve these new aspirations.
Achieve these new aspirations. Electronic Arts

One aspect of the Sims 4 that has players coming back to playing the same characters again and again is Aspirations. These are lifelong goals that your Sim can work to achieve. Each aspiration has four milestones the need to be completed. Once your Sim completes them, they get a reward trait.

The new Realms of Magic pack introduces magic and adds two new Aspirations. In this guide, we look at these new additions and what the milestones are.

Before we move on to the new Aspirations, let's take a quick look at some of the existing Aspirations to get an idea especially if you're new to the game. For Friend of the Animals, for example, you get the reward trait Animal Whisperer which allows your Sim to Train and Discipline animals in order to gain relationship faster. If you want a walk to the wild side, you can get the Public Enemy Aspiration. Completing this gives you the Mastermind trait which makes your Sim say the right things that can cause anger, jealousy, and sadness in other Sims.

The two new aspirations for The Realm Of Magic focus on spells and potions. The first is Spellcraft & Sorcery, where your Sim works to become a good Spellcaster. The other one is Purveyor of Potions, which lets you learn a recipe and get the ability to craft potions. These are the milestones of each Aspiration:

  • Spellcraft & Sorcery
    • First Steps
      • Become a Spellcaster
      • Travel to The Magic Realm
      • Learn a Spell
    • Learning the Ways
      • Reach Spellcaster Rank 2 – Acolyte
      • Know three Different Spells
      • Cast a Spell on Another Sim
    • Devilish Dueler
      • Reach Spellcaster Rank 3 – Adept
      • Win three Duels Against Other Spellcasters
      • Know five Different Spells
    • Wand-erfulSpellcaster
      • Reach Spellcaster Rank 5 – Virtuoso
      • Know 10 Different Spells
  • Purveyor of Potions
    • First Steps
      • Become a Spellcaster
      • Travel to The Magic Realm
      • Learn a Potion Recipe
    • Bubbling Up
      • Reach Spellcaster Rank 2 – Acolyte
      • Own a Cauldron
      • Know three Different Potions
    • Cauldron Concoctions
      • Reach Spellcaster Rank 3 – Adept
      • Know five Different Potions
      • Brew five Potions
    • Potion Pro
      • Reach Spellcaster Rank 5- Virtuoso
      • Know 10 Different Potions

When you complete all the milestones for Spellcraft & Sorcery, you are rewarded with the Slinger of Spells reward trait. When this trait, your Sim generates much less charge when casting spells. Meanwhile, getting all the milestones for Purveyor of Potions, you are given the Master Mixer reward trait. This trait makes your Sim rarely fail when using potions on themselves.

So start working and get these Aspirations fast.

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