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Learn more about perks. Electronic Arts

By now you probably know that The Sims 4: The Realm of Magic is officially live. In this latest pack, you get introduced to a place called Glimmerbrook and upon finding a portal, reach a world of magic. Here you learn how to cast spells and brew potions. Even if you manage to become a Spellcaster, it's not going to be enough. You need to be able to learn spells.

To become a good Spellcaster, your Sim needs to practice. In this new pack, the more your Sim practices, the more Perks they unlock.

What are perks you ask? Spellcaster Perks ensure that your Sim gets to make use of Magic to become the best Spellcaster in Glimmerbrook. As you learn new spells, brew new potions, or even duel against other Spellcasters, your Sim earns what is called experience points. When the rank bar is maxed out, your Sim gets awarded Talent Points while going to the next rank.

You can then use the Talent Points earned to choose perks. Make sure that you choose perks that best fit your Spellcaster.

The Perks interface is shown below:

Perks UI. Photo: Electronic Arts

The Perks on the left side need to be purchased in order from the bottom up. Meanwhile, the ones on the right side can be purchased in any order as long as you have the correct Rank.

So what are these perks? We begin with those on the left side.

The first group are the perks represented by the Spellbook:

  • Knowledge Is Magic
    • This perk allows your Sim to read and perform computer research at a faster rate.
    • These interactions also give Magical experience over time.
  • Mote Hound
    • This perks lets your Sim always see Magical Motes and collect them.
    • Motes can be consumed for experience and minor, random motive boosts.
  • Charge Control
    • The perk lowers all spellcaster charge.
  • Hexproof
    • Your Sim is protected from Curses with this perk.
  • Magical Resonance
    • ​As long as they are in the Magic Realm, your Sim is rather powerful.
    • Not only are Sims protected by Death from Overload, they can also more freely Build Charge and Discharge their Spellcaster Charge levels.
    • The chances of potion-making, drinking, and spellcasting are increased.

The second set of perks are those represented by the Potion Bottle:

  • Blender Arm
    • With this perk the crafting speed of your Sim with brewing potions is increased.
  • Frugal Combination
    • There is the chance to create a potion where not all the required ingredients are used.
  • A Little Extra Chemistry
    • Through this perk, the potions brewed by the Sim are rather tasty.
    • It also activates a small bonus when consumed.
  • Mix Master
    • For every potion that is created successfuly, this perk ensures you get extra servings in the Cauldron.
  • Potent Potables
    • The effects of all potions are increased, lasts longer, or both.
    • This perk has the Sim Hex their potions to have them always fail. 

Finally these are the Perks represented by Open Hand:

  • Discharge
    • The perk allows your Sim to cast this spell which empties the Spellcaster Charge.
  • Power Shunt
    • Every time you cast a spell, this perk makes your Sim add less Spellcaster Charge.
  • Spectral Reach
    • Spells can now be cast for longer distances.
    • Sims hit by your spell no longer know who cast it on them. 
  • Master Caster
    • ​When in a Normal Spellcaster Charge range, casting spells no longer fails.
    • Backfires for both Charged and Overchraged States are lowered.
  • Master Duelist
    • ​Not only does this perk give your Sim a higher chance of winning a duel, it also lets them get better rewards.

Now that we're done with the left side, we go to the right side.The perks here are:

  • Incredible Forager
    • When harvesting magic ingredients in the realm, your Sim gets more items.
  • Experimenter
    • When experimenting and practicing, this perk lets your Sim gains experience faster and with less failures.
  • Insightful Eye
    • The perk increases the experiment speed, research speed, and tome reading speeds.
  • Spellcaster Socialite
    • This allows you to unlock magical social interaction in order to get Spellcaster XP.
  • Practiced Practicality
    • As long as your Sim is in Normal Spellcaster Charge range, both Practical Spells and Potion always succeed.
    • Failure in Charged and Overcharged states are lowered.
  • Mischief Master
    • Mischief Spells and Potions always succeed provided the Sim is in a Normal Spellcaster Charge range.
    • Failure in Charged and Overcharged states are reduced.
  • Tame the Untameable
    • Untamed Spells & Potions are guaranteed to succeed as long as the Sim is in a Normal Spellcaster Charge range.
    • Failure in Charged and Overcharged states are lowered.
  • Natural Mentor
    • When training or experimenting with other Spellcasters, the relationship and skill your Sim gains is increased.
  • Magical Discounts
    • Get 50% discount on all purchases from the market stalls in The Magical Realm.


When upgrading Perks, you don't need to just follow one tier. You can combine different Perks to get the most out of them.

Say you want to level-up fast. Then a good combination would be Mote Hound, Experimented and Spellcaster Socialite. The first spell allows you to collect Motes faster and absorb them for Spellcaster XP. Experimenter lets you gain experience faster. Finally, Spellcaster Socialite also allows your Sim to get Spellcaster XP by interacting with others.

If brewing Potions is more of your thing, then go for these spells: Blender Arm, Incredible Forager, and Potent Potables. Potent Potables increases the effects of your potion and can even make them last longer. Incredible Forager lets you get more items when harvesting for ingredients. Finally, Blender Arm increases you crafting speed.

So start saving up on those Talent Points and choose the best Perks for you.

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