Sims 4 Guide: Learn The Basics And Be The Best Spellcaster In The Realm Of Magic

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Learn the art of spellcasting.
Learn the art of spellcasting. Electronic Arts

The Sims 4: Realm of Magic is officially live. This new pack introduces magic to the world and offers new gameplay experiences. Like what you would expect from a magic themed content, your Sim gets the chance to use spells, brew potions, and of course look good doing both.

In this guide, we help you get started as well as introduce some of the basic features you may need to be familiar with in this new pack.

Becoming a Spellcaster

If you've watched the Harry Potter movies, you may remember that the world of magic was hidden from the ordinary world. The same is true here as you need to get your Sim to the Realm of Magic to become a Spellcaster. Here's how you do it:

  • First, you need to go to Glimmerbrook.
  • Look for the Magic Portal and then get inside to reach the Magic Realm.
  • Find and talk to any of the Sages.
    • There are three of them in the realm.
    • You can identify them through the magic runes above their heads.
  • Ask the Sage that you want to learn how to use magic and they are going to give your Sim temporary Mote Sight.
  • You then need to walk around the realm and collect a total of seven Motes.
    • Motes are the Floating Purple Orbs you see in the realm.
  • Once you collect all the needed Motes, you need to give them to any of the Sages.
  • The Sage is going to perform the Right of Ascension, officially making your Sim a Spellcaster

Once you become a Spellcaster, you can choose between the Sages and join their school to learn new magic. The schools are:

  • Practical Magic
    • The spells you learn in this school are focused on all things helpful and useful. Examples of spells you learn include Repairo, which not only fixes objects, but even makes the quality of crafted objects higher. There is also Transportalate, which allows your Sim to teleport to other places.
  • Untamed Magic
    • If you want your Sim to learn wild spells then this is the school for you. Control other Sims with Minionize or summon the dead through Necrocall. Then there is also Chillio, which brings a blast of cold air and freezes any Sims that it hits.
  • Mischief Magic
    • This school is for Sims who want to learn magic to cause trouble for others. If mischief is what you want, then this is the one for you. Despario, for instance, makes a Sim sad. Furio lets you have Sims argue and fight with each other.

Look the Part

Of course, if you're going to be casting spells then you need to look the part. If the world of Harry Potter had Diagon Alley, the Magic Realm has Casters Ally. Here you can buy items that are going to help your Sim become the best Spellcaster that they can be.

Head over to the shops.
Head over to the shops. Electronic Arts

While Diagon Alley had a lot of establishments, Casters Ally has three:

  • Wands, Tomes, and Familiars
    • You can buy the wands you need here, and unique ones are offered each day. You can even buy Magic Tomes in order to build your very own Spellbook. Finally, this store also provides you with Familiars. Familiars are entities that help your Sim, provided you can summon them.
  • Brooms and Crystals
    • What's a Spellcaster without their crystals or brooms? Like what many shows about magic tells us, brooms allow your Sim to travel around the world. Crystals are important ingredients, especially if your Sim is going to be brewing potions.
  • Potion Ingredient Shop
    • If you need a specific ingredient for your potion, then this is the shop for you. The shop sells everything from dragon fruit to death flowers.

That's it for today's guide. Hopefully this gives you the needed start to become the best Spellcaster.

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