Wands At The Ready As The Realm Of Magic Arrives To Sims 4

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Enter the world of magic.
Enter the world of magic. Electronic Arts

Wizards and warlocks prepare as The Sims 4: Realm of Magic is officially here. This latest pack brings magic to the world of The Sims. The Realm of Magic Pack, however, is limited to the PC and Mac for now.

This latest addition to Sims 4 brings players to Glimmerbrook, a quiet town with family homes and places to hang out. However, somewhere in town is a mysterious pathway that leads to a dense wooded area. Following this trail leads you to a portal. Going through the portal lets you discover an entirely new world. This mysterious world grants you the ability to learn how to cast spells or brew potions.

In order to learn spells you have to look for a Sage that is going to teach you magic. You can even choose schools to master different types of magic. Spells you can learn include Copypasto which allows your Sim to copy any small object. There is also Burgliate, which lets you swipe objects in the world. Not satisfied? Try Duplicato and make a temporary copy of yourself. Need something repaired? Go ahead and cast Repairo. If you're feeling rather mischievous, use Minionize, which lets your Sim control another Sim's mind. If you're willing to walk the line on danger, summon the dead with Necrocall.

Meanwhile when it comes to potions, you can mix different types that cause interesting effects.

Before doing all that, though, make sure to buy yourself a wand and spell books. Spell books are where you keep the spells you have learned. It's not all spells and potions though, as it is important to keep in mind that you have to dress the part. You can either decide to leave what you're wearing on and stand out, or choose the right outfits to blend in with the crowd.

If that's not enough for you, you can also get familiars. These are entities that are powerful enough to give your Sim confidence and even save them from death. Familiars can be a butterfly, owl, or even a dragon.

The Sims 4: Realm of Magic is out now for PC and Mac, and arrives to consoles on October 15.

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