The Sims 4 Adding Over 100 New Skin Tones This December

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More new features coming.
More new features coming. EA

The Sims 4 announced that there’s going to be exciting changes arriving to the game this December. More than 100 new skin tones are to be added. With each skin tone having a value slider, that means there are going to be thousands of customizable options.

This big change is to be introduced to The Sims 4 through an update on December 8. There’s also going to be some improvements to the compression to make sure that existing and new skin tones are displayed better.

October Update

Back in September, The Sims 4 dev team said that it was releasing an update by October that would address issues related to the skin tones of the characters. There was also going to be some changes to hairstyles. You can read more about that here.

Indeed, when the that update was eventually released, it addressed the color banding that appeared on the cheeks and foreheads of the characters. The discoloration along the nose tip was also fixed. This allowed for a more consistent tone across each Sim's whole body and even allowed for shadows and details to be more visually unique.

December Update

Going back to the December update, four makeup sliders are set to be introduced as well to more freely complement all skin tones. The sliders are:

  • Hue Slider
    • Controls the character's color.
  • Value Slider
    • Adjusts brightness.
  • Opacity Slider
    • Adjusts transparency.
  • Saturation Slider
    • Controls how much color is in the makeup.

With these options, the chosen makeup should be just right for any selected skin tone.

There’s also going to be improvements made to three more base hairstyles. One of which is the flat-top texture hairstyle. The other two are children’s hairstyles which are the braided ponytail with baby hairs and the one without baby hairs.

More to Come

In a post, the team said that the goal with these changes is to make sure that representation in The Sims 4 is more inclusive. The team isn’t doing this on their own as they are working with consultants like some of the well-known The Sims community members. According to the team, the consultants were the ones who advised to make The Sims 4 more inclusive for everyone and they were the ones who suggested “to add additional hairstyles without baby hairs in the December update, which is why there are three rather than the two we previously announced.”

There’s no question that it is indeed exciting to see how these changes are going to be applied and impact The Sims 4. Guess we’ll have to wait until December to see all the new changes for ourselves.

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