The Sims 4 Giving Out 21 Presents for 21 Years

Ready for your presents?
Ready for your presents? EA

The Sims 4 may be a relatively new game but the franchise itself is now in its 21st year. It actually celebrated its birthday back on February 4. To show its thanks to the entire Sims community, everyone is getting 21 gifts, all designed by players themselves.

Get all 21 Presents

Here are the players and the creations that they introduced to the game:

  • HeyHarrie
    • Country Flower Vase: Flowers From Your Not-So-Secret Admirer
    • Halcyon Bar Stool: Groovy Times Bar Stool
    • Halcyon Dining Chair: The Greatest Gift Chair
    • Halcyon Table 2 x 1: Around the Sun Table
    • Halcyon Table 3 x 1: Once More Around the Sun Table
  • Peachyfaerie
    • Eyebrows: Primrose Style
    • Eyebrows: Toby Style
    • Makeup: Yuno Highlighter
  • Storylegacysims
    • Toddler Shirt
    • Toddler Cuffed Jeans
  • peacemaker_ic
    • Cloud Mirror: Cloud Cutie Mirror
    • Grove Console: All the Things Table
    • Wardrobe: Thank You, Wardrobe
  • Luumia
    • Skin Detail: Crow's Feet
  • ​Icemunmun
    • Food: Butter Chicken
    • Food: Chocolate Mousse
    • Food: Palak Paneer
  • Grimcookies
    • Makeup: Shades of Expression Lipstick Glossy
  • ​FeralPoodles
    • Hat: Purrfect Knitty Kitty Cap
  • ​AHarris00Britney
    • Ruffle Ribbed Top
    • Female Jeans

The Story Behind the Items

The Sims 4 also shared about the motivation of each player on why they chose to add that particular item into the game. Take icemunmun for example. She shared that when asked to contribute content, she immediately knew it had to be food. Butter chicken is her comfort food and for her, it’s that one simple yet delicious.

Meanwhile, Lummia went with the crow’s feet skin detail because it gave the Sims that adult look. For storylegacysims, the choice to go for toddler clothes was easy considering her work involves spending a lot of time with children.

Read all about them here.

February 25 Patch

The Sims 4 also released an update that introduces some tweaks like the one for Create a Sim/Pet. A few of the imperfections have been fixed like:

  • Pet breed’s thumbnails no longer look disproportionate in the Coat Color/Pattern section in the case of Simmers that own Cats and Dogs.
  • Sims’ makeup sliders no longer overlap with color swatches and highlighting color swatches no longer makes them look offset.
  • Fixed an issue in which the Skin Tones sliders didn’t appropriately hide when changing to other parts of the Sims to customize.
  • Saving customized color swatches no longer create duplicates of the base color swatch used to create the custom color.
  • The Save button no longer functions inconsistently when utilizing the opacity sliders.

Learn about the changes here.

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