Should a Map Ban Exist In Overwatch?

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This change might just bring significant change to the overall gameplay experience.
This change might just bring significant change to the overall gameplay experience. Blizzard

Overwatch is a game that offers a variety of maps, each of which has a unique feature on display. Because of this, it is safe to assume that there are maps that some players just do not enjoy playing on. And as the 2-2-2 structure becomes official, even the competitive side of the game is starting to look at maps from a bigger perspective.

Blizzard has yet to introduce a picking or veto system in its first-person shooter title, unless if you are playing in the Overwatch League. Interestingly, developers have been vocal about their interest in adding this feature to the game. And since it has yet to exist, players in the community can not stop talking about it.

Paris, believe it or not, is the most hated map right now in the Overwatch community. Otherwise, all of those Paris memes would not exist. A very popular meme is the instant hero status for players who tend to leave right at the beginning of the match, thus cancelling the match for everyone queued.

Yes, that is right – queue dodgers are starting to become a thing in the game right now. What is interesting, though, is that players are more than thankful if someone does it. Why? Well, that is because they all hate Paris.

“Maybe if those maps get dodged enough, the leaver stats will push Blizz to implement some kind of map veto system. One can hope, anyway,” said Reddit user DiamondRacer. Another Reddit user, feckt1, suggested the idea of implementing a map pick/ban system, although it could come with its own pros and cons. “A mode vote so the lobby can vote on a game mode at least and then the game autopicks a random map of that type?” the user said. “This just would suck for the few people that actually DO like 2 CP, since that map never would come on.”

In an interview, Overwatch game developer Jeff Kaplan discussed the possibility of a map ban system. He admitted that they have been discussing it within the development team since 2017.

“So, there's two types of pick and ban systems, one that relates to maps and one that relates to heroes. I'm not a fan of either.” Jeff claimed in the interview. “I think they work very well for a MoBA where you don't have hero switching. I think the problem with Overwatch as it pertains to pick and ban systems is that the game was designed to have a certain level of fluidity to it. I think that fluidity would go away [with a pick and ban system].”

So what do you think? Do you hate Paris as much as the Overwatch fandom apparently does? Would you like to see a map ban system in place? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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