Overwatch Fan And Cosplayer Brings Ashe To Life

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Without a doubt one of the most stunning Ashe cosplays out there!
Without a doubt one of the most stunning Ashe cosplays out there! Vixena Siren

It is safe to say that Overwatch is a game packed with interesting heroes and lore. Apart from its exciting gameplay and competitive environment, its loveable characters have made it possible for the game to thrive in the world of cosplaying. Interestingly, a cosplayer has come up with her own perspective of Ashe, and you will be surprised with how amazing the result is!

A Russian cosplayer by the name of Alisa Varshavskaya, who is also known as Vixena Siren, has managed to pull the character out of the screen and into the real world. It is as if she is the real life Ashe, especially since she is able to deliver even the most complicated details of the hero.

Just recently, Varshavskaya took to Twitter and Instagram to share images taken directly from a set, with her cosplaying as Ashe. And, as you can see in the photos she shared, the details are just outstanding. Sure, one can say that the cosplay itself is already incredible, but you have to applaud the setting of the photos – all of which seem to have been taken straight out of Overwatch. This cosplay is just incredible.

If you want to check more of Varshavskaya, then you will not be disappointed. You can head straight her Instagram account. Apparently, her works are not limited to Blizzard’s hit game. She also cosplays as characters from The Witcher, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and X-Men, just to name a few. Checking out her stunning cosplays is definitely worth your time.

In related Overwatch news, Blizzard finally revealed that the game will soon be making its way to Nintendo Switch later this year. Although there have been countless rumors in the past, it was during the Nintendo Direct when this story was officially confirmed. The game is expected to arrive on the hybrid console come October 15.

Overwatch, for now, is available on PC, Xbox One, and PC. It is interesting to see just how Blizzard will be able to port this game to the console. And perhaps, in the near future, the studio could finally set up a cross-play feature for the game.

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