Shadow Of War's End Game Puts Talion's Army In The Hot Seat

Middle-earth: Shadow of War
Middle-earth: Shadow of War WB / Monolith

More information on Middle-earth: Shadow of War ’s end game is out this week. And anyone worried asynchronous multiplayer would be the primary focus of the game’s endgame content can rest easy. Monolith has confirmed there will still be plenty for solo players to do when the Shadow of War campaign is finished and the next chapter of Talion’s story has ended.

Last week, we learned about some of the multiplayer content we’ll see in Shadow of War. Fans will remember Vendettas, which task players with hunting down the orc captains who’ve killed their friends, from Monolith’s first Middle-earth title. Vendettas weren’t all that was revealed though. Eurogamer was also given an early look at the friendly and ranked fortress assaults that will comprise the Social Conquest mode. But all of the existing marketing for Shadow of War has been noticeably lacking in endgame content for those who’d rather avoid multiplayer. The good news is that Monolith also has additional content planned for those fans.

This week we learned about Shadow Wars, another repurposing of the fortress invasions that feature heavily in the game’s campaign and one of its asynchronous multiplayer offerings. The key difference is that Shadow Wars reflects the state of Mordor at the end of the second game, meaning Talion, Celebrimbor and their allies control all the keeps. But those loyal to Sauron will attempt to take them back. And that means another round of keep sieges. But this time Talion & Co. play the role of defender, defending capture points and repelling Sauron’s armies one last time. Any keeps lost to Sauron must be reclaimed before moving on to the next. It’ll undoubtedly be a long and arduous process. But Eurogamer says we’ll be rewarded for our efforts, with a successful completion of Shadow Wars yielding the game’s “true ending.”

For an early look at Middle-earth: Shadow of War, set aside some time to watch the 50-minute gameplay video released earlier this month. Then head down to the comments and let us know if you’re interested in the Shadow Wars content that opens up at the end of Shadow of War.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The game debuts Oct. 10.

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