SF Shock Takes Down VC Titans To Win OWL 2019 Stage 2

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San Francisco Shock Wins OWL 2019 Stage 2
San Francisco Shock Wins OWL 2019 Stage 2 Overwatch

The San Francisco Shock defeated the Vancouver Titans to grab the win at the Overwatch League 2019 Stage 2 Playoffs. With this, the Shock bring home $200,000, with the runner-up Titans getting $100,000.

Stage 2 was held at the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles with the initial stage being played from April 4 to May 5. A total of 20 teams competed, and the top eight teams moved forward to the Playoffs. The Shock finished on top along with the Titans.

In the main event, the Shock initially faced off against the Shanghai Dragons, with the Shock winning the match 3-1. The team then swept the Hangzhou Spark to make it to the Finals. For the Titans, they swept their first opponent, Dallas Fuel, 3-0. The Titans then defeated the New York Excelsior 4-1. This led to a Finals match between the top finishers of the initial stage.

The first map was Busan, and the Shock were able to win without giving the Titans any points. The second map was King’s Row, and the game was close enough to lead to overtime, with the Titans eventually taking the win. The next map took the teams to Paris, and the Shock failed to get the first point, resulting in the Titans winning the third map.

Once again the two teams went to overtime on the Watchpoint: Gibraltar map, where the Shock got the hard earned victory to tie the series. After that, the Shock did not look back and took the Oasis map without giving a point to its opponent.

For fans, it appeared to be a repeat of Stage 1. During that tournament, the Shock took the lead in the series 3-2, but eventually fell in the next two games to the Titans.

The Shock appeared to have learned from their mistakes, and while both teams took a point each, the Shock eventually prevented the Titans from getting any additional points.

The Overwatch League returns this Friday for the All-Star event.

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