Overwatch Anniversary 2019 Dates: Nothing Set Yet

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Overwatch Anniversary
Overwatch Anniversary Blizzard

Overwatch’s anniversary is just around the corner but there has been no word so far from Blizzard on the actual dates, or if there will be a celebration at all like in the past.

Overwatch was officially launched on May 24, 2016. Back in 2017, the first anniversary of Overwatch was celebrated between May 23 and June 12. During this period, three new Arena maps were added. While they were mainly used for small-scale elimination games, the maps actually remained in the rotation even after the event had passed. Two modes were also offered. The first was a one-on-one Limited Duel match, where each players were given the same choice of three random heroes per round. The second mode was Lockout Elimination. This three-on-three variant had the heroes of the winning team being locked for the next round. Cosmetic items were offered as well, with each character getting new dancing emotes.

The second year anniversary was May 22 to June 11 of last year. This time, Blizzard offered Petra for limited time. Petra is a free-for-all deathmatch map. The event also made the previous cosmetic items in the 2017 anniversary available again, as well as items from all previous seasonal events. Anniversary Loot Boxes were also offered, with each one giving players are least one legendary item.

For now, players and fans alike are wondering what could be in store for this year’s anniversary. Some are even hoping that Blizzard will at least make skins from past events available.

If Blizzard does again offer past skins, then players can at least expect these ones:

Uprising Skins

  • Blackwatch Genji
  • Blackwatch McCree
  • Cadet Oxton Tracer
  • Chief Engineer Lindholm Torbjorn
  • Combat Medic Ziegler Mercy
  • Ironclad Torbjorn
  • Lieutenant Wilhelm Reinhardt
  • Null Sector Bastion
  • Null Sector Orisa
  • Talon Widowmaker

Retribution Skins

  • Blackwatch Moira
  • Equalizer Lucio
  • Pajamei Mei
  • Scion Hanzo
  • Soldier 24 Reaper
  • Specimen 28 Winston
  • Talon Doomfist
  • Talon Sombra

Storm Rising Skins

  • Clown Junkrat
  • Deadlock McCree
  • Formal: 76
  • Gwishin Bastion
  • High Roller Wrecking Ball
  • Scientist Moira
  • Socialite Ashe
  • Talon Baptiste

The third anniversary is two weeks away, and hopefully there will be some announcement soon on what the plans for Overwatch are this year.

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