Overwatch Havana Escort Map Now Live With Latest Update

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Overwatch Havana Map
Overwatch Havana Map Blizzard

Overwatch released patch, officially rolling out the new Havana Escort map.

In an Escort map, the goal of the attacking team is to move the payload from one point in the map to the next. The defenders must try to stop the progress until the time runs out. Each round lasts for five minutes, though reaching the first checkpoint adds three minutes and getting to the second checkpoint adds two minutes. When the attacking team manages to bring the payload to the delivery point, the match ends.

The payload does not automatically move. Players must be near the payload in order for it to move. The more players near it, the faster the payload moves. If left unattended for a certain time, the payload slowly moves backward.

In the new map, players begin at the Taller de Sebastián, the area where Havana’s classic cars stop to refuel and repair. One team needs to escort a truck carrying rum barrels and fight off the other team on the hot cobblestone roads. The team protecting the truck can escape enemy fire by ducking inside colorful buildings. Here they can enjoy the exciting flavors of Café del Sol or La Cocina de Miranda. The goal is to fight in the alleys and reach the Don Rumbotico rum distillery. After that, the next goal is to escort this japoly to the Havana Sea Fort.

The new update also celebrates the Overwatch League 2019 All-Stars by offering two new Legendary skins. These are the 2019 Pacific All-Star Lucio and 2019 Atlantic All-Star Mercy. The skins are available beginning May 7 and ends May 22.

For eagle-eyed Overwatch players, the new update brought something back. According to some players, when the Storm Rising event arrived, it seemed that the Numbani map had disappeared. There was no agreement if it disappeared when the new event arrived or if it was missing a lot longer than that. However the map did return with the launching of Havana.

Overwatch Developer Dan Maas gave an explanation, which only resulted in more confusion. In a post, Mass said that when Efi and Orisa first arrived to Numbani, there was a need to do “some minor care and handling in the Overwatch universe.” Maas continued by saying that the team “neglected that care and regular service to Numbani international was interrupted.”

For the Overwatch community, the statement does nothing in terms of explaining what exactly happened. Still, it is good to know that the map is back.

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