Seven Knights Idle Adventure Celebrates100th Day Anniversary

Seven Knights Idle 100 Day
A quick celebration. Netmarble

A new update has been released for Seven Knights Idle Adventure in celebration of its 100th day anniversary. In addition to the different in-game events launched, the update also adds two new heroes to the roster.

The first of these two is Xiang Yu. This melee type hero has a passible skill which can increase his attack chance as well as make use of critical hits to lower the evasion of enemies. Diaochan meanwhile is a support type hero who has a buff skill which can increase her hit rate as well as that of her allies. She can also cast healing abilities when she manages to successful perform critical strikes. This allows teams to remain healthy while bringing down enemies.

Players can also look forward to conquering a new zone known as the Crimson Canyon and Snolled Challenger Pass. These zones give players the chance to earn the Legendary Hero Snolled.

Get the Rewards Cache

Of course, the new update and celebration won't be complete without the in-game events. The first is the 100th Day Anniversary Coupon Event, which end December 27. All players need to do is head on over to the coupon menu and enter the code "100SEKI." Once they do they'll receive a rewards cache which contains:

  • 20,000 Rubies
  • Hero Summon tickets
  • Pet Summon Tickets
  • 100-Day Celebration Cake
  • Legendary Hero Summon Tickets

Join in on the Fun

There are other in-game events available which also run until December 27. For the 100th Day Anniversary Celebration Special Check-In Event, players can get a different Seven Knights hero each day for seven days by simply logging in to the game. These include the likes of Rudy, Dellons, Chris, Eileene, Java, Spike, and Rachel.

For the Winter Festival Carnival Event, players have the chance to obtain power up material like Gold and Hero EXP. They may even get the Legendary Hero Weiser.

New Items

Players should also be happy to know that there are new packs available in the General Goods Shop. These are:

  • Alli Steak Pack 2
    • Contains: Premium Rubies ×3,000; (Bonus) Alli Steak x10
    • Purchase Limit: once per day
  • Goblin Bread Pack 2
    • Contains: Premium Rubies ×3,000; (Bonus) Goblin Bread x10
    • Purchase Limit: once per day
  • Carbonated Water Pack 2
    • Contains: Premium Rubies ×3,000; (Bonus) Carbonated Water x10
    • Purchase Limit: once per day

Seven Knights Idle Adventure is available to download for mobile platforms via Google Play and App Store.

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