The Four Lords of Old Teo Joins the Fight in Seven Knights Idle Adventure

Look who's joining the fight! Netmarble

A new update has been released for Seven Knights Idle Adventure which introduces a new hero to the game. Get ready to meet the Four Lords of Old Teo, who is a versatile and melee hero. There are also new modes added along with different events for everyone to enjoy.

What does Four Lords of Old Teo bring to the game? For starters, his critical hits give a buff to all his allies which increases team Attack Speed. He also gives an additional buff which increases his own Weakness Attack Rate. Teo's active skill give him 100% critical chance and deal an unrevivable debuff on enemies hit. This is an effective counter against healers that have the ability to revive. That's not all since when his HP reaches 0, he gets an Immortality buff and allow him to continue fighting for a limited period.

Teo isn't actually joining the fight alone. That's because two new Legendary heroes have been added as well. These are Zhuge Liang and Zahara.

In addition to new characters, other new content added to the game are the two new modes. The first is Rare Arena, which is a 30v30 PvP contest. This one has players form three teams of 10 units and then play in a best of three and two set series. Stage Race has players entered automatically with the leaderboard displayers the highest stage cleared. This is a good way to show off, especially for those who are more in PvE content.

Players can also check out the available hero slots, which have been increased for Stage Formations from 10 to 12. These slots unlock at Stage 4001 and Stage 8001.

New Events

Like with the usual updates, events are now live for everyone to join. These are:

  • The Age of Great Treasures (through February 21)
    • Seek hidden free Coupon Codes throughout the official forums as well as in-game.
    • A total of 50 codes are hidden, so start searching now.
  • Rate Up Event (through February 7)
    • The new heroes Teo, Zhuge Liang, and Black Rose are available at a higher rate than usual.
  • Guild Alliance Carnival Event (through February 7)
    • This Carnival event offers the Legendary heroes Clemyth, Sizar, and many currencies used to power up the team.

New Patch

A new patch has also been released which fixes the descriptions of the summon tickets especially when under certain language settings. This same patch also lowers the HP of some Boss Monsters that appear in Stage [8,800 - 9,600].

Seven Knights Idle Adventure is available to download for mobile platforms via Google Play and App Store.

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