Seven Knights 2 Introduces Remade Mythic Rudy with Latest Update

Seven Knights 2 Update December 6
Meet the new Mythic Rudy! Netmarble

Good news to all players of the mobile RPG Seven Knights 2. A new update has been released which introduces a remake of Mythic Rudy.

Mythic Rudy has been remade with skills reorganized so that it's more effective for Instant Death. The frequency of Fear Effect meanwhile has been increased to make it stronger with other heroes from the Instant Death deck. In addition, one of the original skills has been changed and is now a Revival effect.

Orly's Parasol

The new update adds a new exclusive equipment called as Orly's Parasol. When equipped, Orly's Parasol not only increases DEF but also decreases Skill Cooldown. That's not all since this item also increases damage scaling with Transcendence Level and even increases Status Effect Accuracy Rate and ATK on the PVP field.

Expedition System

New as well is the Expedition System that's been added to Field Exploration. There are also additional rewards to be earned with the use Maps when they are online. Though this system, players can set the number of explorations and even stop any time they want. The system though can't be operated with the existing Field Exploration simultaneously.

New In-Game Events

Of course, it won't be an update without the in-game events and now live are:

  • Carnival Event (December 6 to February 14)
    • Clear daily missions for seven days and earn various rewards that include Legendary+ Pet Selection Ticket and Legendary+ Jewel Summon Vouchers.
  • Check-In Event (December 6 to December 20)
    • Players can check in for 7 days and earn a variety of rewards, including December Festival Coins (x90) and Maps (x900).
  • Coin Crafting Event (December 6 to January 3)
    • Craft multiple items using December Festival Coins and Phine's Special Coins.
    • Rewards include Special Enhancement Stones and Summon Ticket Selection Boxes.

Seven Knights 2 is the official sequel to Seven Knights and takes place two decades after the original. It introduces players to a beautiful open world gameplay with the story focusing on the Daybreak Mercenaries. The group is currently on a journey to look "Rudy," the last member of the Seven Knights. In addition to an epic game story that's filled with unique characters, players can enjoy the stunning cinematics and graphics made possible by the Unreal Engine 4.

Seven Knights 2 is available to download on Google Play, App Store and Windows PC (beta).

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