Seven Knights 2 Celebrates the New Year with Limited-Time Events

Seven Knights 2 New Year
Let's celebrate! Netmarble

A new update has been released for Seven Knights 2 which launches new limited-time events to celebrate the new year. There are three such events and we look into them today.

The first is the Lucky & Happy! Happy New Year Check-in event which started last January 3 and runs until January 17. All players need to do is log in on a daily basis to earn Happy New Year Chests. The chests are guaranteed to contain Lucky New Year Coin x10 and Ruby x200. At the same time, it's also going to include one of these at a certain rate:

  • 10x Hero Summon Ticket x1
  • 10x Jewel Summon Ticket x1
  • 10x Pet Summon Ticket x1
  • Jewel Shard Box x50
  • Pet Fragment Chest x50
  • Hero Summon Voucher Fragment Chest+ x1
  • Rare - Legendary Pet Summon Voucher x2
  • Rare - Legendary Jewel Summon Voucher x2
  • Legendary Soulstone Shard x100

Special Missions

There are also special missions available between January 3 to January 17. There are two such special missions and these are:

  • Hero Festival Eve - Special Daily Mission & Celestial Tower Missions
    • Complete the Missions and get different rewards that include Legendary+ Hero Summon Voucher Fragments, and Happy New Year Chests.
  • Hero Festival Eve - Special Upgrade Dungeon & Ranked Training Ground Missions
    • Complete the Missions and get various rewards like Destruction Essences.

Lucky New Year Coin Crafting Event

From January 3 to January 17, players can collect Event Items through different events and then use them to craft the Lucky New Year Coin. These can then be exchanged for items like Legendary Pet Summon Voucher Fragment and Mythic Soulstone Shard, to name a few.

Expanded Content

Aside from new limited-time events, players can also enjoy the expanded content. For example, there are now new ways to incapacitate enemies along with new competing elements in Ranked Training Ground. In addition, a new difficulty has been added to the the Celestial Tower with floors ranging up to Level 100.

You can check out all the new limited-time events here.

Seven Knights 2 is the official sequel to Seven Knights and takes place 20 years after the events of the original. The game focuses on the Daybreak Mercenaries who are on a quest to look for the last member of the Seven Knights. Seven Knights 2 is available to download on Google Play, App Store and Windows PC.

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