Seven Knights 2: Celebrate 300 Days with New Carnival Event

Another milestone celebration.
Another milestone celebration. Netmarble

It’s been 300 days since Seven Knights 2 was officially released. To celebrate, Netmarble is launching the new Carnival event. It’s offering players access to new playable heroes, new missions, and of course, new rewards. This special event ends on November 9.

One of the new characters that players can get is one of the former Four Lords, Vanquisher of Evil Teo (Legendary+ Hero). They can also get Sealed Shaman Kagura (Legendary Hero); both are available in the Summon Shop.

As part of the 300th Day Carnival Event, players can get Sharpshooter Ruri (Legendary Hero), whose ranged skills can do really well in PvE. This one is available for free as part of the event.

New Chapter

In addition to new heroes, there’s also a new chapter added to Season 2. Titled “Advent,” it sees Orochi finally obtaining the blood of the dragon. She’s now ready to descend on the “Mist Isle” and standing in her way are Teo, Taka, and Ace. Players can follow the story to see if the heroes can defeat Orochi and save “The Continent of Aisha.”

More New Content

  • “Tag Match” PvP Content
    • Unlike the normal arena, Tag Match involves multiple teams and requires different strategies.
    • Players can even choose specific heroes and pets to be either included or excluded for entire seasons.
  • New Raid Dungeon “Infernal Lands”
    • Players can get the new resource Sun Stone as part of the 8-player Raid.
    • Sun Stone, dropped from Infernal Lands, can be used for summoning selected rate-up Legendary+ equipment.
  • New Hero Statistics System
    • Players can check the team formation statistics used by other players in Arena, Guild War, and Raid.
    • This system allows original players to refer to heroes and equipment utilization, usage, and use frequency.
    • The system also guides new and returning players in hero selection and game learning.

Other In-Game Events

Aside from the 300th Day Carnival Event, players also have the chance to join other in-game events:

  • Check-in Event (August 17 to September 7)
    • Players who check in the game for 2 weeks can get a Rare+ Noho Pet.
    • Players can also summon equipment and pets 10 times.
  • Summer Tube Craft Event (August 17 to August 31)
    • Players can get Summer Tube Irin Coin and Richel Coin by playing Field Exploration and are encouraged to exchange Legendary Hero and Pet Summon tickets with coins as the last chance to collect coins for the summer.

Seven Knights 2 is available on PC, Android, and iOS. Learn more about the game here.

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