Seven Knights 2 Launches New In-Game Carnival Event

Time for some fun.
Time for some fun. Netmarble

All Seven Knights 2 players are invited to have fun and join the new in-game Carnival event. This is in celebration of the 200th-day milestone since the game was launched. Players can look forward to new heroes, new missions, and new rewards.

Players can take on new missions and get the chance to claim these rewards:

  • Legendary+ Hero Selection Ticket
  • Legendary Hero Summon Voucher
  • Legendary weapon
  • Equipment
  • Accessories
  • Rubies

New Playable Heroes

This new in-game event introduces two new playable heroes. This first is Empress of Aisha Rin (Legendary+ Hero), a ranged PVP hero who has an AOE stun and blind. The second is Romantic Mechanic Guilahan (Legendary Hero), a tanker and member of the Crusaders. He loves mechanical engineering and can fulfill his role in guild raid by giving Silence Resistance to allies as well as owning the Guildraid Suppressor.

New Collab

The Carnival event launches a new collaboration with the anime Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor. It introduces Faria’s main role as a Pet, which lets players obtain different rewards and exchange Faria by consuming Rubies. There's also the Rin/Gilahan Growth Support Event where players can get 10 Soulstones while also getting the Rin Special Summon/Gillahan Special Summon.

Community Event

In addition to what's been mentioned, there's also the 200th Day Festival Second Mission from May 26 to June 7. To participate, simply comment celebrating the game's 200th Day on the notice here.

To consider the mission as completed, the notice should have 528 comments. If the objective is reached before May 29, everyone gets the chance to win extra rewards. As of this writing, there are 370 comments.

Here are the rewards:

  • Mission 2 Participation Reward
    • Recipients: All Commanders who participated in Mission 2
    • Rewards:
      • Legendary Elixir x222
      • Legendary Rune x222
      • Lesser XP Potion x22
  • Mission 2 Early Completion Reward
    • Recipients: 22 Randomly Selected Commanders from all Mission 2 Participants
    • Rewards:
      • Upgrade Dungeon Ticket Chest x2

Check-In Event

Players can join the check-in event as well from May 25 until June 1. Simply log in every day during the period mentioned and get rewards. One of the rewards is the 200th Day Celebration Gift Chest, which contains:

  • Ruby x200
  • Topaz x200
  • Legendary Elixir x200
  • Legendary Rune x200
  • Lesser Proficiency Potion x200
  • Gold x200,200
  • Map x200
  • Universal Strategy Book x200
  • Crimson Essence x200
  • Rare Enhancement Stone x200

Seven Knights 2 is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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