Seven Knights 2 Introduces New Region with Moonlit Isle Update

New update is here.
New update is here. Facebook/@SevenKnights2EN

The new season of Seven Knights 2 is now live courtesy of the Moonlit Isle update. It offers new in-game content, playable heroes, and events, to name a few.

Players can look forward to exploring the new region called Moonlit Isle. It introduces new playable heroes in Heavenly Sword Ace and Harmonic Melody Lina, characters from the original Seven Knights game.

Heavenly Sword Ace (Legendary+ grade hero) serves as the lord of Moonlit Isle and protects his residents against any threats. This rather powerful PVP character has the ability to unleash the AOE stun skill, Pull and Invincible. Meanwhile, Harmonic Melody Lina (Legendary grade hero) is a former member of Evan Expedition and now fighting for peace on Moonlit Isle along with Ace. She is an all-round healer able to cast shields, boost combat attacks, and heal party members.

Field Exploration

The new update also brings improvements to Field Exploration. Players now have more time to explore and farm. There’s also the new Exploration Field Offline Mode where they can use Field Exploration and obtain rewards even when the app is closed.

Here are some of the details on the rework done to Field Exploration:

  • Tier Reward Ruby Amount Changes
    • The 4th Tier Reward is changed from 60 Rubies to 100 Rubies.
  • ​Upgrade Dungeon Ticket Drop Rate Increase
    • The drop rate for Upgrade Dungeon Tickets acquired through Field Exploration is increased.
  • Auto Salvage/Offline Buff Cost Change
    • The cost of purchasing an Auto Salvage Buff is changed from 950 Rubies to 300,000 Gold.
  • ​Boss Appearance Chance Changes
    • The Boss Appearance Chance in Field Exploration is changed from 2% to 3%.
  • ​Elite Field Exploration: Proficiency Potion Amount Increase
    • The amount of Proficiency Potions that can be acquired through Elite Field Exploration is increased.

New In-Game Events

In celebration of the launch of Season 2, players have the chance to join several in-game events and obtain rewards like:

  • Legendary+ Heavenly Sword Ace Rate Up Event (April 27 - May 11)
  • Harmonic Melody Lina Summon Shop Rate Up Event (April 27 - May 11)
  • Ace/Lina Growth Support Event (on-going)
    • Players can obtain 10 Soul Stones.
  • ​Special Check-In Event (on-going)
    • New users can obtain 3 legendary heroes.
  • Seven Knights 2 Carnival Event (on-going)
    • Exclusive for new and returning users.
    • A chance to obtain a Legendary + Hero.

Seven Knights 2 is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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