Serious Sam 4 Update 1.08 Patch Notes: Serious Editor, Profanity Filter, New Characters, and More

Serious Sam 4 Update 1.04 Patch Notes
Serious Sam 4 Update 1.04 Patch Notes steam

After six months since launch, Serious Sam 4 developers are still adding quality-of-life features to the game along with new content. Update 1.08 was released a few days ago and it brought several cool things.

Every Serious Sam 4 owner of the Steam version will now get free access to Serious Editor. Players will be able to make new maps and cinematics, among others. You can watch the tutorial of the editor below. We are soon going to get some amazing mods thanks to the editor.

The update also added 19 new characters that you can use including Nonna, Hellfire, Jones, and my favorite, Kenny. Players who hate curse words can now enable the profanity filter in Game Options to censor them. A couple of new tracks are also added to the game by Damjan.

Update 1.08 improves the game’s performance across multiple GFX APIs. Developers addressed a particular crash issue as well. The highlights of the update are mentioned below.

Update 1.08 Patch Details

What's new:

  • The latest version of the Serious Editor is now available for free to all Serious Sam 4 owners on Steam.
  • We have added the option to enable profanity filtering. Find the "tick" in the Game Options menu.
  • Nonna is back in business and now operates as a playable character. Joining her is the entire AAA team including Hellfire, Jones, Kenny, Mikhail, Quinn, and Rodriguez. Anabelle, Aubrey, Brand, Carter, Dmitry, Filbert, Garibaldi, Guard, Michelle, Vermetti, Professor Kiesel, Princess now available as playable characters.
  • Damjan added a couple of new tracks.

Performance and stability:

  • Various performance improvements and optimizations across GFX APIs.
  • Fixed a crash that would happen when trying to change the current loading screen hint, but there aren't any hints to be displayed.

The patch also fixed several bugs and you can read about them in detail on the official site.

Serious Sam 4 is in much better shape than it was at launch, thanks to regular updates. However, it still hasn’t changed our final review of the game. Click here to read our review of SS4.

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