Serious Sam 4 Update 1.07 Patch Notes: Survival Mode, Santa Sam Skin, Improved Performance, and More

SS4 Update 1.07
SS4 Update 1.07 Croteam

Serious Sam 4 had some issues during the launch. But most of them are now addressed. The developer, Croteam, has been releasing updates and patches these past few months. These updates resolved bugs and performance issues. They also added more skin. This time, developers are including even more content.

A few days ago, developers released Update 1.07 that added the long-awaited Survival mode. You can play this mode solo or with friends. A total of three maps are available. I am assuming that more maps will come out in the future. Your objective in this game mode is to survive for as long as you can.

Serious Sam 4 Update 1.07 Changelog

What's new:

  • 2020 is coming to an end. Finally. For most of us, it felt like survival, so we thought - let's celebrate it accordingly. Serious Sam 4 now has a brand new Survival mode spanning three maps, playable in singleplayer and co-op. Go, survive, my little ones.
  • It wouldn't be Christmas without a symbolic in-game event. Find a lonely tree in Death from Above, decorate it, and enjoy a trip to an alien-infested Winter Wonderland. Get your presents, but beware... some of them may contain something worse than a lump of coal.
  • Santa Sam is coming to town. And he's bringing guns.
  • Damjan has been a busy boy. Not only has he partnered up with the powerful Ivan Spelljack Jitz to create a new iconic Jingle Bells remix (download it here), he has remixed some of the war songs for your enjoyment.

Performance and stability:

  • Improved stability and performance across graphics APIs.
  • Improved support, performance, and stability for Nvidia's 3000-series GPUs.
  • Fixed an issue that caused significant frame drops during the Drone side-quest on Breakfast in France.

Gameplay fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the player could be unfairly booted from the map in the Vatican.
  • Small enemies can once more be gibbed with non-piercing weapons. Because we all absolutely love gibs.

Visual fixes:

  • We've done work on most of the cutscenes, making them shinier and weirder. That's how we roll.
  • Improved visibility on those pesky reptiloids. You should see them a bit better now and it should be easier to shoot one right between their eyes.
  • We have added a pine branch tip to simple mesh. I have no idea what that means, but I still included it because it sounds kinda fancy.
  • Improved formatting for subtitles across languages.
  • Improved the appearance of weapon and gadget ammo lists on the HUD based on community feedback. See? We listen.
  • Fixed an issue where the quick gadget prompt wouldn't go away. We scared it, so it will only pop up once now.
  • Netricsa and skill point notifications will no longer overlap each other.

The complete patch notes are available on the official site. Also, feel free to check out our review of Serious Sam 4.

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