Seems Like Apex Legends Has Been Teasing Season 6 In World's Edge

World's Edge
World's Edge Level Push

Season 6 for Apex Legends is right around the corner, so Respawn has begun its series of teasers for the season. The most recent teaser was found on the World's Edge map where some players have reported the appearance of a mysterious crane in the Sorting Factory area.

Originally, the crane was already present in the region, but it wasn't significant because it never offered any gameplay or lore purposes. Now, however, the crane's wares can be found on the ground, giving players a look at what it actually is.

A few days ago, some players also reported the appearance of "future worksite" signs, which alone have confused easter egg hunters. The cargo dropped by the crane seems like some kind of rocket part, according to the Apex Legends' community.

Respawn has yet to announce Season 6 officially, but from how the previous seasons have unfolded, we can assume that the announcement is quite near.

On a related note, there have been rumors that a final limited-time event called "Always Be Closing Evolved" will take place before the end of Season 5. The event is believed to involve a constantly moving ring and players will be dropping into the game with a level 1 evo-shield. The datamined description for the event reads, "keep on the move, the ring won't slow down and you need to rack up some damage. The ring never stops closing."

Since Season 5, we have seen quite a few balancing changes to the Legends and it seems that there will be many more changes in Season 6. As for maps, Kings Canyon has had a massive overhaul and this time around it seems that World's Edge might be getting the same treatment.

Also, did you know that Apex Legends is launching on Switch later this year? No official date has been mentioned for the release, but we sure are excited for when it will get here.

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