Apex Legends Will Not Allow Crossplay Between PC and Console Lobbies By Default

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Some controversy regarding Apex Legends' crossplay has been clarified by a software engineer from Respawn. The dev, Jake Smullin, stated on TikTok that if console players don't have a PC player in the lobby, they will be less likely to be matched against PC players. Smullin reassured players by asking them not to worry about the crossplay feature. This information comes courtesy of DBLTAP.

Additionally, a lot of Apex Legends players have been complaining about the game's skill-based matchmaking. Respawn has responded to these aggravated players by saying that they are trying to make the matchmaking offer better matches.

On a similar note, there have also been some rumor regarding Apex Legends' final limited-time event for Season 5. The event is said to be called "Always Be Closing Evolved." The event will involve a continually moving ring. A successful data miner has also uncovered the description for the final limited-time event, which states "keep on the move, the ring won't slow down and you need to rack up some damage. The ring never stops closing."

Since the launch of Season 5, Apex Legends has introduced some big changes to the game, especially to the Kings Canyon map. There have also been several nerfs and buffs to Legends. The Wraith nerf in particular hasn't been received well by Wraith mains. Despite the aggravating nerf, Wraith continues to have a 27% usage rate, making her a popular Legend. Following Wraith are Pathfinder and Lifeline as the most-used Legends.

Players also seemed to have enjoyed the "Armed and Dangerous Evolved" limited-time event, a mode that only consisted of snipers, shotguns, evo-shields, and very little health items.

Recently, Respawn Entertainment also opened a new studio in Vancouver to continue improving the experience of its successful free-to-play battle royale. The studio also confirmed that it is not working on another Titanfall game at the moment. Nonetheless, Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella stated that the Titanfall revival hasn't been ruled out and the folks at Respawn would definitely love to make that happen.

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