Season One of EA Sports F1 24 is All About Modern Day Heroes

F1 24 Seasons
Enjoy a new gameplay experience. EA Sports

EA Sports announced that F1 24 is going to have multiple seasons where content celebrates the past, present, and future of the FIA Formula One World Championship. Each season has its own theme and features on-track challenges which are inspired by the ongoing 2024 season. For the first Season, it's all about the "Modern Day Heroes."

The first season introduces players to challenges which are inspired by two of the finest drivers of the sport. Those able to complete the challenges get to obtain fans exclusive rewards that include the likes of liveries, race suits, and podium emotes, to name a few.

Complete the Challenges

The first challenge is already live and is expected to run until June 28. The Charles Leclerc Challenge Career features a condensed version of the 2024 season and offers four weekly episodes. Each episode has three unique races where players get to compete for top results for the Monégasque driver.

Meanwhile, July sees that start of a dedicated Aston Martin Event Series. This one celebrates the storied career of none other than Fernando Alonso. For this challenge players get to revisit some of his most iconic moments on the track.

A New Way to Connect

A new feature that players can try out in the game is Fanzone. This is a way for players to get involved even more while also showing support not only for their favorite teams but also for their favorite drivers. Fanzone lets players connect with other like-minded players and work to achieve both individual and community goals and get rewards.

Fans also have the chance to vote on key battles and try to predict which team gets to score the most points in upcoming real-life races. Those who get the right results get to earn points for their Zones.

Talking about this latest announcement, Codemasters Senior Creative Director Lee Mather shared that by celebrating current drivers and legendary moments, they hope to offer a richer experience for the game.

EA Sports F1 24 is now available for the PC through EA App, Steam, and the Epic Games Store. It's also available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X.

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