Time to Race to Victory as EA Sports F1 24 is Now Available Worldwide

The race is on. EA Sports

A new immersive and authentic F1 experience is here as EA Sports F1 24 is finally out worldwide. In this official game of the FIA Formula One World Championship, players get to take on the role of either a current F1 driver or an Icon from the past and rewrite history. They can even create new storylines.

In a statement, Codemasters Senior Creative Director Lee Mather shared that this latest title pushes various areas of the game forward and not only gives players the chance to race as their heroes but also create the stories that they want.

Overhauled Career Mode

One of the interesting changes in the game is the overhaul of the Career More. This was done to better reflect the world challenges being faced by the drivers. For example, drivers now have long-term goals and short-terms goals which are based on the aspiration of the team. This should allow for more depth while also making sure that drivers are motivated with the objectives.

Learn more about what's new in Career Mode here.

New Experience with Dynamic Handling

The new Dynamic Handling redefines the physics to increase the control and give players more agency when it comes to race strategy and vehicle performance. Basically, the driving experience is improved through a of the new suspension kinematics, upgraded tire model, advanced aerodynamic simulation, and new engine and car options. Other aspects have also been improved to give players a better experience.

Learn more about the Dynamic Handling feature here.

Other Features

The game also improves authenticity and accuracy with four reworked circuits. There are also real-world radio communication samples, improved driver and car recreation, and even new cutscenes, to name a few.

Players should be happy to know that the official cars for all the 10 teams in the 2024 Championship have been recreated through detailed CAD data. In addition, the 2024 drivers now look more realistic with full hair rendering and vast improvements made to eye and skin shaders.

For post-launch plans, there's going to be five themed seasons of free live service content that's sure to keep everyone right in the heart of the racing action.

EA Sports F1 24 is available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It's also out for the PC through the EA App, Epic Games Store, and Steam.

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