Sea of Thieves Invites You to the Shrouded Islands

Prepare to explore.
Prepare to explore. Rate Ltd

A brand-new Adventure is coming soon to Sea of Thieves with Shrouded Islands. It ignites a new series of time-limited and narrative-focused events. This one has players looking for answers in the ethereal mist that surrounded the ruined Golden Sands Outpost. Shrouded Island started February 17 and runs until March 3.

While this new content definitely makes the game a more dynamic place to explore, players should be happy to know that Adventures isn't replacing the season-based method of delivering free and regular content updates. Basically, a new Adventure will be released every month, lasting for at least two weeks.

In addition to the new threat, Shrouded Islands also tells of the sudden disappearance of Captain Flameheart from the skies. There are also reported sightings of the mysterious Belle. The good news is that keeping a close eye on the various strange events is Larinna, leader of the Bilge Rats. She’ll be the one that players need to approach when looking for new Adventures.

The Captain

For those new to the game, you probably want to learn more about Captain Flameheart. His spirit was unwittingly released by Sir Arthur Pendragon during “The Seabound Soul” Tall Tale. While Flameheart doesn’t have a physical form of his own, he can summon ghostly vessels to fight in his name alongside his flagship, the Burning Blade.

However, it appears that attacks have ceased. The thing is, it is highly unlikely that the Captain is no longer interested in his plans for conquest. This has led to many wondering what his next move would be.

Season Six

When the new Adventure ends in March, players can expect to see the start of Season Six. It's going to introduce Sea Forts, six of them in fact. Each one has a Sea Fort Captain and ghostly crew defending the loot inside.

Season Six also sees the arrival of a feature long been requested by players - the new Pirate Legend content. Battle-hardened buccaneers can take on a new Voyage at the behest of the Pirate Lord and prepare themselves for new challenges and encounters. The Voyage also adds more to the story that was started with the first set of Adventures.

Read more about what’s been planned this year here.

Sea of Thieves is available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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