Sea of Thieves Update 2.4.2 Bug Fixes and Gameplay Improvements

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Season 5 of Sea of Thieves is almost coming to an end. To make the season livelier, the developers released Update 2.4.2 which makes some improvements to the game.

Gameplay Improvements

The developers have improved Shanty selection for players who like to play music while cruising the sea. Now, players can open the Shanty Radial directly by holding the secondary interact button. This change makes it easy for players to switch between shanties without opening the menu. That’s not the end of it, as the developers have made storms difficult to handle. Now, players have to put effort into controlling the ship during a storm and this makes the gameplay more interesting.

Performance Improvements

The developers have improved the server migration rate with this update. This should allow players to join different hosts without wasting much time. They also improved server stability to ensure that players don’t get removed from games as often.

Sea of Thieves Update 2.4.2

  • Resetting the input settings to default will now also reset the input for Swim Up.
  • The Full Billow achievement can now be unlocked when completing the required criteria.
  • Defeating skeletons or Phantoms while under the effects of a Cursed Cannonball will now progress the Master of Cursed Iron Commendation.
  • Skeleton Ships and skeletons using island cannons should now fire at targets more consistently without long pauses between shots.
Pirate Emporium
  • Performing the Stargazing Emote while wearing the Lodestar Costume now ensures the emote camera zooms into the correct location on the pirate.
  • Players should no longer find areas within the Pirate Legend Hideout where they can trigger a safe teleport.
Visual and Audio
  • An audible wood splintering sound can once again be heard when ships take damage from a range of external sources.
  • The Dark Adventurers Beard no longer clips into the player’s mouth when using a range of emotes.
  • During an Ashen Lord encounter, the geysers resulting from a World’s End attack will now fade back into the sand.
  • The visual effects when firing cannons are now triggered immediately, removing a perceived delay in launching cannonballs.
  • Loading screens on PC will now display correctly sized images when using a 4K screen resolution.
  • Players standing on the Sloop bed will no longer generate muffled sounds for others in proximity.
  • Standing behind the Ferryman on the Ferry of the Damned should no longer cause their head to snap to the player.
  • When wearing the Bell Brigade Gloves, the player’s hands should no longer clip into held items.

You can read more about the update here.

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