Sea Of Thieves Update 2.4.1 Hit-Registeration Improvements and Bug Fixes

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Sea of Thieves is a first-person action-adventure game where players experience pirate life by setting sail on an epic adventure. Update 2.4.1 is live and follows up Version 2.4.0 by fixing several issues.

Hit-Registration Improvements

Most players have experienced this issue where they were unable to hit their target because of hit registration issues. In this update, the developers improved how this system works and now players should feel better hit registration when they shoot distant targets.

The developers are also making the game friendlier to new players. After the players listen to the Mysterious Stranger in the tavern, they will get help around the Outpost via Signposts.

Sea Of Thieves Update 2.4.1

Island Enemy Encounters
  • While exploring islands, crews who encounter and vanquish individual Ocean Crawlers, Phantoms, or skeletons from a group of enemies should find that they call in reinforcements less frequently before the group is defeated.
  • After vanquishing a group of Ocean Crawlers, Phantoms, or skeletons, crews should now enjoy a much longer respite period before encountering them again on the same island.
Selling Firework Crates
  • Firework Crates can now be sold back to the Merchant Alliance and Reaper’s Bones even when no longer full – but expect a reduced payout!
Fixed Issues - Gameplay
  • Achievements have now been re-enabled, allowing all previously earned achievements to be granted when players next log in to the game.
  • Shots fired from the Royal Revenge Pistol now more accurately land in line with the barrel of the gun.
  • Players attempting to glitch through a ship’s hull from the water will now be safe-teleported away from the ship.
  • After equipping the Party Boat Cannons on a Brigantine, players fired from the cannons should now travel in the intended direction.
  • Using a heavy sword strike while standing on a ship’s harpoon should no longer cause the player to gain extra range on their jump.
  • When a Rowboat’s storage chest is emptied, the tooltip now updates to show "Empty" without needing to open it.
  • The Legend of Buried Treasures Commendation should now unlock upon completing all other associated Commendations.
  • Crews will no longer be awarded the Gunpowder, Treason and Plot Commendation after setting their ship on fire, and instead will need to complete the required criteria.

You can read more about the update here.

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