Sea of Thieves: Latest Update Reduces Cannonball Knockback on Galleon and Brigantine

Update 2.8.3 Rare Studios Limited

How's your experience sailing ships in Sea of Thieves lately? Have you noticed that cannonball splash damage no longer sends you overboard when sailing in a couple of specific ships? If so, that's actually because of a tweak in Update 2.8.3.

The Galleon is the largest ship in Sea of Thieves, while the Brigantine is medium-sized and considered one of the fastest vessels in the game. In the most recent update, you will no longer be easily sent overboard when hit by a cannonball while sailing these ships. That's because the knockback effect from cannonball splash damage has been reduced to make the experience consistent across all ship sizes.

It's important to note that you'll still be knocked back and disoriented by the resulting blast. However, it will not necessarily send you flying to your death.


Captain of Adventure

  • A large number of Pirate and Ship Milestones have been rebalanced to make gaining Classes easier, and any progress already made will automatically be converted, potentially boosting players to higher Classes.
  • The number of Classes required to buy the four tiers of Trinkets has been significantly reduced.
  • The cost for saving cosmetics to a Captained ship has been removed, and this function is now free.
  • The gold cost for purchasing ship decorations and Trinkets has been significantly reduced.
  • Any Captain's Beds that unlock through Milestones will now unlock at Class 2 instead of Class 5.


  • Video Support
    • Players logging in to Sea of Thieves will find that the front end menu now has the ability to display video content. This will serve the latest trailers and content directly in-game, and once watched or skipped will return to the beloved Map Table animation.
    • Players will now also find video content within the What's New section of the front end menu, which can be browsed and rewatched on demand.

Outpost Cosmetics

  • Aristocrat Hairstyles
    • The urge to style yourself exquisitely needn't stop when you reach the top of your head, as these additional hairstyles become available from Outpost shops.

Fixed Issues

  • Gameplay
    • Seagulls above barrels no longer prevent Megalodons from appearing across the seas, bringing the frequency of Megalodon encounters back to intended levels.
    • Letters of Recommendation and Ritual Skull Voyages from Larinna have now been refreshed, and players can purchase twice the usual amount to cover those missed last month.
  • Battle for the Sea of Thieves
    • The Hourglass is no longer interactable after a ship has been sunk, or scuttled by the crew.
    • Crews losing a battle should now consistently be sent to the sinking wreck sequence and moved to a new location.
  • Captains of Adventure
    • Rowboats that become damaged while docked to a ship will now visually show the damage prior to being undocked.
    • The Pirate Milestone for Rowboats Docked will now increase when a Rowboat is docked to your ship by any player.

Sea of Thieves Update 2.8.3 is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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