Sea of Thieves: Blunderbombs Received Several Nerfs in Update 2.7.1

Update 2.7.1
Update 2.7.1 Twitter/@SeaOfThieves

Ship battles are a huge part of the eighth season of Sea of Thieves, and while it was quite fun sinking enemy vessels, it turned out that some players were able to gain advantages by abusing certain mechanics. Thus, in Update 2.7.1, some of those things got nerfed - one of the most notable being the Blunderbomb.

The Blunderbomb is a throwable item in Sea of Thieves that can be hurled toward the enemy by hand or with a cannon. That said, developers have implemented nerfs to the Blunderbomb, mainly because it was so unbalanced when used in certain scenarios.

Blunderbombs fired from a cannon now have a reduced area of effect when exploding. Moreover, the resulting explosion no longer launches players so far up in the air, which prevents the issue where they’re so easily sent overboard.

Additionally, Blunderbombs fired from a cannon that specifically targets a ship’s hull now deal reduced damage to players inside the vessel. This is likely to encourage them to use other means of sinking enemy ships instead of relying on this specific explosive.

Another significant change in this patch is that players who have been submerged at sea will now show up at an Outpost. This makes it easy for them to replenish their supplies and immediately return to the fight.


  • Reduced Blunderbomb Availability
    • Blunderbombs are now discovered slightly less frequently in island barrels, and fewer are collected at once.
    • Captains restocking at the shipwright will find the throwables supply now contains fewer throwables and has been reduced in price accordingly.
    • The number of throwables found during the "Captains of the Damned" Tall Tale has now been significantly reduced.
    • Crates found during the "Dark Brethren" Tall Tale now contain fewer blunderbombs.
  • Jettisoning Ship Supplies
    • When a ship sinks, the resources held within its barrels now float to the surface in the barrels to be easily collected. Sinking another ship now offers simpler restocking options after a battle, while also giving crews who sink due to emergent encounters a chance to retrieve their hard-earned supplies!
  • Starting Ship Supplies
    • All ships will now start a session with additional cannonballs per barrel, increasing the Sloop stock to 80, with the Brigantine and Galleon stocking 90.
    • Ship defensive stocks have been increased with additional wooden planks, with the Sloop and Brigantine now holding 35 planks and the Galleon holding 40.
    • Ships will now find more plentiful food stocks, as all ships now hold 16 coconuts in addition to their existing banana supply.
  • Barrels of Plenty
    • The number of floating barrels that appear in a group has now been reduced. However, the likelihood of finding rare items in these has now been increased.

Sea of Thieves Update 2.7.1 is now available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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