Sea of Thieves: Latest Update Adds New Player Reporting Tool

Update 2.8.2 Rare Studios Ltd.

Have you seen other Sea of Thieves players using inappropriate ship names and gamer tags? If so, there's a new feature added in Update 2.8.2 that lets you report such people.

When you go to the Sea of Thieves settings menu, you'll find a new option called "Report a Player." As the name implies, this feature allows you to report another player to the support team for possible moderation and action.

While this feature is definitely useful, the only things you can report using it are inappropriate gamer tags, ship names, and pet names. If you'd like to report cheaters and bad actors, you must gather sufficient evidence first before you submit a ticket.

Aside from the new feature, the game's latest patch implemented a noteworthy improvement to the Battle for the Sea of Thieves. More specifically, if you've been defeated by the enemy, you are free to purchase Captain's Supplies or Merchant Supplies upon your arrival at the Outpost, even if a single day in the game has not passed yet. This change allows you to stock up and get back into the action without a long downtime!

Patch Notes

Gameplay Improvements

  • Battles within a Storm
    • Crews diving beneath the waves to battle rival ships will no longer find themselves battling in storm conditions.

Fixed Issues


  • Pirates swimming to a ship in choppy waters are no longer able to use a ship's cannons, harpoon or Map Table to board directly from the water.
  • Pirates striking an enemy threat with a harpoon will once again deal a small amount of damage.
  • During a Ghost Fleet encounter, crews at a distance from the battle will no longer find that ships disappear while attempting to move to the crew's position.
  • Players attempting to sell a Trident of Dark Tides while aiming it will no longer be prevented from aiming other weapons once sold.

Battle for the Sea of Thieves

  • Voting on the Hourglass of Fate will now clear the Captain's Table of any placed Tall Tale Checkpoints.
  • Players will no longer see a "Quest Received" notification when diving below the waves looking for an opponent.
  • Solo players forcefully disconnecting from a session while traveling beneath the waves will now find their battle canceled and arrive on a random island back at sea.
  • The win streak UI now appears consistently even if the player force-closes the game and rejoins the session.

Captains of Adventure

  • A Captain's Logbook placed inside a Collector's Chest no longer loses its cover customization.
  • The Taker of Stolen Stock Commendation now progresses when commodities are sold to Sovereigns.
  • Improvements have been made to the Captain's Logbook to avoid instances where the text and images inside the Logbook overlap or intersect with each other.


  • Players can no longer get stuck when traversing the dry dock area at Port Merrick.
  • Players will no longer be able to see the waterline when jumping at either end of the dry dock at Port Merrick.
  • The lanterns present at the back of the Order of Souls building at Port Merrick are now lit.
  • Players can no longer intersect with the environment within the Sea Fort basements.

Sea of Thieves Update 2.8.2 is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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