Scathe: Enforcer Edition Update Adds Exciting New Game Modes

Enforcer Edition (Update 2.0) Damage State Ltd.

Scathe is an intense first-person shooter where you play as the titular character fighting against the Legions of Hell. It is quite similar to Doom in that you have an arsenal of weapons at the ready for decimating anything and everything that comes your way. What's unique about Scathe, though, is that you drop into a maze, collect Hellstones, and escape - all while fighting hell's most grotesque abominations!

Recently, developer Damage State Ltd. launched Update 2.0 for Scathe, aka the Enforcer Edition update. This major patch has a lot to offer, including two new and exciting game modes that will surely get you glued to your seats.

New Modes of Mayhem

If you are the competitive type, the new Speedrun Mode in Scathe is for you. The main objective here is simple: finish the level as fast as you can. But do not take all of the fun and enjoyment for yourself. Invite your friends to see who gets the best record!

The other new game mode is Arcade Mode. This mode is more of a laid-back, heavily stripped version of the game where all you think about is killing as many enemies as you can to increase your score. Go ahead, pick up your preferred weapon of destruction, vanquish the minions of hell, and pump up those numbers!

New Modifiers

Another thing that's great about this game is that you can customize your experience by enabling certain modifiers. That said, new modifiers have been added in Update 2.0.

One of the most notable is Weapon of Choice, a modifier that allows you to start the game with every weapon and spell already unlocked. Here are the other new modifiers:

  • Can't Touch Me: Enjoy feeling untouchable with the Invincibility modifier. Now you can slice your way through demons without fear!
  • Demonize with Demon Eyes: Tear through your enemies like paper with the Constant Demon Mode modifier.
  • Live Fast, Die Never: You can forget about checkpoints and collecting extra lives with the Infinite Lives modifier. Toggle this on and you'll just respawn wherever you were when you died.
  • The More, the Murderier: Select the Demon Overload modifier and get ready for the challenge of your (probably quite short) life. Think of it as Scathe: Now With MORE Demons!
  • PandAMMOnium: Forget about ammo pickups and shoot to your heart's content with the Infinite Ammo modifier.


Quality of Life Improvements

  • Dash killing demons will now provide a small health gain.
  • The Hell Hammer will now vent off a little bit of steam after every clip to provide a break in firing (and give it a much needed break).
  • Brand new firing audio for the Hell Hammer - bringing more boom to the room!
  • Head bob now defaults to zero for a more retro feel.
  • Landing a headshot will now provide you with some extra ammo as a well-earned reward.

Bug Fixes

  • Swarm AI no longer stops moving if only one section of it remains.
  • Huge improvements to AI spawning so they don't spawn too close. This excludes arenas and barrier sections.
  • Toned down the joypad vibration when fighting the enemy Sledge.
  • Fixed multiple areas where AI could become stuck.
  • Misaligned walls in three zones have been correctly aligned.

Scathe Enforcer Edition update is available on PC.

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