Crusader Kings III: New Travel System Lets You Visit Interesting Points of Interest

Update 1.9.1 Paradox Interactive

Patch 1.9.1 for the grand strategy game Crusader Kings III is now live on all supported platforms. This free update added a slew of interesting features, including the ability to visit different points of interest via the new travel system.

So, how do you visit these POIs in Crusader Kings III? When you select an event to travel to, there will be a "customize route option" which presents you with a list of your existing waypoints. In each waypoint, you will see a plus symbol that, when clicked, allows you to add a county to divert to.

Now, you might be thinking: is there any incentive for visiting the different POIs? Well, each time you visit a point of interest, such as special buildings, kingdom/empire capitals, and natural wonders, you'll earn some bonus Lifestyle XP.

You can find the other new features included in Patch 1.9.1 below:

  • Added foreboding events, which make characters eligible to receive awful harm or death down the line
  • Added incapability harm events, which risk characters being forcibly made incapable after receiving a suitable foreboding event
  • Added death harm events, which risk characters dying before their time after receiving a suitable foreboding event
  • Added commander harm events, which puts characters commanding armies at risk of dying for reasons outside of combat (especially if they don't have a suitable commander trait for the terrain they're in, or are unhealthy - with how much health they need to be "healthy" going up as they age)
  • Added game rule for controlling the frequency of harm events: turn them down, turn them off, turn them up, turn them up but specifically at interesting characters, or turn them up and turn them up extra specifically at interesting characters
  • Added game rule for controlling targeting of harm events: just the AI, just the player, or both
  • Added a decision for Jewish cultural heads to adopt Hebrew as their culture's language
  • Converted the Kuzarite random event for faith reformation into a full "Break with the Old Ways" decision
  • Jewish faiths now have a Halakha authority main doctrine with 4 types: Rabbinic, Toraic, Kohenimic, Samaritan

This update also implements a ton of bug fixes. For one, the AI now only declares Artifact Claim wars for artifacts it can actually claim. Additionally, the out-of-sync issues caused by some accolades affecting battle casualties have been resolved.

Here are the other noteworthy bug fixes:

  • Fixed accidentally broken MacOS 10.14 backwards compatibility
  • Fixed the supposed ai-only half-year cooldown on Arrange Marriage incorrectly being applied to yourself if you were arranging marriages within your own court
  • Added missing quote mark in The Councillor meet peers event
  • Added missing string for Convert to Witchcraft scheme power multiplier modifier
  • Characters on ships being torn apart by storms or Craig will now look suitably terrified
  • Displayed current intent in many events and special options where it was previously hidden but relevant
  • Fixed a bug where court position salaries were not properly given to landed characters.
  • Fixed a bug where strife was not properly decaying for landed characters.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when opening invite details for an invalid activity.

Crusader Kings III Patch 1.9.1 is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Mac, and PC.

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