John Wick Video Game Possibly in the Works

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It looks like John Wick is not going away just yet because a new video game based on the iconic character is said to be in early development, according to Motion Picture Group chairman, Joe Drake.

According to an article, Drake said in a recent Lionsgate earnings call that people have not seen the last of the infamous assassin from New York. The team is set to release a "regular cadence" of content, including spin-offs like Ballerina and The Continental and the fifth installment of the John Wick series of movies. But what's even more interesting is that the company is also looking toward the AAA video game space. This means that we may see a John Wick video game in the next few years.


In the meantime, there's plenty to look forward to if you're a fan of the John Wick franchise. First off, The Continental: From the World Of John Wick is a TV series focusing on the rise of Winston Scott, who you saw in the previous John Wick movies as the head of the titular hotel, played by the talented Ian McShane. However, the young Winston in the upcoming TV show is portrayed by Colin Woodell, who is famously known for his role in The Flight Attendant as Buckley Ware.

He is joined by Ayomide Adegun (Charon), Peter Greene (Uncle Charlie), and Mel Gibson (Cormac), among others. Mark your calendars because The Continental: From the World Of John Wick will air on Peacock this September.

Aside from that, Ballerina is a spinoff movie starring the charming Ana de Armas as Rooney. She plays a ballerina who is training under the Russian crime syndicate, Ruska Roma, to be a highly-skilled assassin just like John. Ballerina is set between the events of Parabellum and John Wick: Chapter 4.

Ana de Armas is perfect for the role because she is no stranger to the action movie genre. Some of her past works include No Time to Die, The Gray Man, and Bladerunner 2049.

Joining the cast is Ian McShane as Winston, the late Lance Reddick as Charon, and the man himself, Keanu Reeves as the infamous assassin John Wick. Anjelica Huston, who played as the Director of the Ruska Roma in Parabellum, will also reprise her role.

Ballerinawill launch in theaters on June 7, 2024.

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