Satisfactory Patch v0.6.1.2 Adds Tilted Concave Walls and New FICSIT Roof Corners

Satisfactory Arrives To Steam
Satisfactory Arrives To Steam Satisfactory

Satisfactory, the factory simulation game by Swedish developer Coffee Stain Studios, has received another update in less than a week. Today’s patch is focused on bug fixes and improvements. However, it does bring a couple of new things. The Smart and Programmable Splitters UI has been overhauled, and new ambient sounds for Spire Coast have been added.

Tilted Concave Walls (4m and 8m) are added to the Tilted Walls menu. FICSIT Roof Corners also received two new additions. They now feature both Inner Corner Roofs and Outer Corner Roofs of 1m, 2m, and 4m.

Check out the rest of the changes below:

  • Made it easier to pick up loot under Creature ragdolls
  • Fixed Audio issues with the Xeno-Zapper/Xeno-Basher
  • Fixed heavy stuttering for Clients when getting hit by a projectile
  • Fixed so conveyor attachments no longer spawn to conveyor poles, unless there’s a conveyor belt built there
  • Fixed a bug where the dismantle effect could get stuck on buildings if the dismantling was canceled
  • Fixed AWESOME Shop first time purchase notification playing multiple times if another player joined the session and bought the same item
  • Fixed foundation snapping issues introduced in the previous patch
  • Fixed a bug where snapping a pillar to another pillar would sometimes move it in weird directions
  • Potential fix to “E” losing functionality when interacting with a building and closing it’s UI immediately
  • Fixed old bug where snapping factory buildings to foundations which are built at a specific angle would make the factory building rotate incorrectly
  • Fixed various walkway snapping issues
  • Lizard Doggo is now immune to Turbo Bass damage
  • Fixed a crash for Clients when trying to remove highlights from a Map Marker
  • Potentially fixed a Crash related to Telemetry when building hundreds of foundations in quick succession
  • Added new ambient audio for Spire Coast
  • Tweaked attenuation for some events
  • Lowered and remixed flying crabs as they were extremely loud before
  • Fixed water volumes being saved incorrectly (This should fix Water extractors reporting as extracting Nuclear Waste instead of Water)
  • Fixed a gap in the world in Titan Forest
  • Minor tweaks to the single shot of the Spitter
  • Reduced the fog glow at night in Grass Fields
  • Repositioned Experimental banner to obstruct less of the regular HUD elements
  • Fixed some creatures not showing up in the Radar Tower
  • Fixed a Crash by making it error normally instead of crash
  • Updated all languages with the latest translations
  • Updated language completion rates
  • Updated community translators in the credits

You can check out the complete patch notes via the official site.

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