Satisfactory Patch v0.6.1.1 Brings New UI Options and Boombox Volume Slider

Satisfactory Arrives To Steam
Satisfactory Arrives To Steam Satisfactory

Fans of Satisfactory have been enjoying the massive Update 6 released two days ago. However, the game still has several bugs here and there. The developer acknowledged that and released a hotfix. Hotfix v0.6.1.1 for Update 6 adds new UI options, a volume slider, and a plethora of bug fixes.

Players can now hide Static and Dynamic key shortcuts via a new option under Options > User Interface. The Boombox Volume can also be changed, thanks to the newly added slider under Equipment Volume.

  • Added a new option under Options > User interface to hide Static Key Shortcuts (Shortcuts shown at the bottom right side of the HUD at all times)
  • Added a new option under Options > User Interface to hide Dynamic Key Shortcuts (The keybinds shown at the bottom of the build menu, while driving, etc)
  • Added a Boombox Volume Slider under Equipment Volume
  • Fixed Nobelisk Gas clouds not disappearing on dedicated server
  • Fixed long standing bug where picking up a Factory Cart holding an item could give you a portable miner instead of a Factory Cart
  • Fixed Inventory is full prompt not showing up when trying to pick up statues
  • Foundations should now snap better to roof pieces, snap underneath and be centered
  • Fixed collision of the Tube Coral to avoid players from getting stuck on it
  • Potential fix for a rare crash related to creatures
  • Fixed outlines not being shown properly on some decorative buildables
  • Fixed creatures getting stuck in shallow water
  • Fixed Ammo Counter and Icon not changing when reloading or switching ammo types
  • Made the resolution change pop up size smaller
  • Fixed typo in Arachnophobia option tooltip
  • Overclocking now has a visible text box so you can enter percentages or numbers manually
  • Split Stack slider now has a visible editable text box so you can enter the amount to split into manually
  • Manufacturing buildings should now preview the overclocked per minute stat on each input and output before the new overclock is applied on the next cycle
  • Fixed holstering the Boombox making the equipment HUD slot show incorrect info
  • Polish on the Vehicle Path directional arrows in the Load Path Menu
  • Server should now error out instead of crash when the server is unable to bind to a query port
  • Fixed a server crash when uploading a save file
  • Updated all languages with the latest translations
  • Updated language completion rates
  • Updated community translators in the credits

The developer also revealed the list of known issues. You can read about it along with the complete patch notes via Steam.

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