Co-Op Factory Building Game Satisfactory Coming To Steam Soon

Satisfactory Arrives To Steam
Satisfactory Arrives To Steam Satisfactory

Satisfactory, a co-op factory building game, debuted as an Epic Store Exclusive and was fairly enjoyable, despite falling into a niche genre. There was quite a bit of tension among gamers about the game's Epic exclusivity, but the developers quickly dismissed all the gossip by praising Epic for "trying to do something for game developers to make it better for them, so we can deliver better quality of products."

From what we have seen, Epic exclusivity for most games is a timed thing and similarly, the developers of Satisfactory announced that the game is "coming soon" to Steam Early Access. Although the date and price haven't been announced, we expect Satisfactory to be priced somewhere close to $30. If you're excited to try the game out, you can wishlist it right now.

Along with the Steam announcement, Satisfactory is also getting a third Update, which seems to be the most significant update so far. The update is adding quite a lot to the game, including pipes and fluids. The pipes require players to be extra careful about maintaining them and take gravity into account.

Along with several adjustments, fixes and performance improvements, the new update for Satisfactory also totally rebalances the game.

"The introduction of pipes to Satisfactory was bound to mess with existing factories and the balancing of the game," developer Coffee Stain said. "So, with the decision to add pipes, we also decided that we might as well go all-in and fix some of the balancing issues that had been lurking behind various corners for a while."

If you're curious to test Update 3 for Satisfactory, it is currently available in the Experimental build of the game. The Experimental build of Satisfactory has to be installed separately on the Epic Games Store. If you already own the game, you'll see both the builds in your library.

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