Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs And Rumors: New Leaks Suggest No Home Button But Headphone Jack Remains

Several Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge handsets
Several Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge handsets Fionna Agomouoh

There haven’t been many leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S8 so far, but there have been some leaks of Galaxy S8 smartphone cases, which give somewhat of a first look at the device.

One leak comes courtesy of the online vendor Mobile Fun, which has a listing for a smartphone case by Ghostek that includes images of what would be the Samsung Galaxy S8 inside the cover. Often times, such vendors acquire schematics for devices before they launch and are able to use the figures to create mockups.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 remains unconfirmed, but among rumors for the device is that it will have no home button. The renders similarly show a device without a home button. There are few other standout details visible in the renders, other than front panel branding and a few sensors shown on the top right side of the device.

This leak comes days after another report, where a Weibo user shared images of a Samsung branded device with no home button. However, pundits have noted it would be easy for someone adept at graphic design to edit out the home button on a Galaxy S7 handset and call it a Galaxy S8.

Another leak comes from the website SlashLeaks, which shows renders of what is supposedly a Galaxy S8 smartphone case, which includes several telltale spec signs. From the renders, pundits have determined the Galaxy S8 may have a headphone jack and a USB-C port.

Some rumors have suggested Samsung might get rid of the headphone jack on future devices to compete with Apple, which launched the iPhone 7 without the audio feature. While several Android manufacturers have similarly built new devices without headphone jacks, there has yet to be a Android flagship smartphone with such a design.

Currently, reports suggest the device may be announced in February during Mobile World Congress or in April in a standalone New York event.

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