‘RWBY’ Volume 4: Rooster Teeth Recaps First Three Seasons Before Oct. 22 Premiere

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'RWBY' Volume 4 will have a new look. Rooster Teeth

The RWBY Volume 4 premiere date is Oct. 22 on Rooster Teeth, but if you want a nifty little recap of the first three seasons to jog your memory before you dive into the first episode the good folks over at Rooster Teeth have your back with a short video.

Check out the RWBY Volume 1-3 recap below.

In the RWBY Volume 4 recap, fans are reintroduced to the World of Remnant and the four Huntsman schools including Beacon Academy where our leading ladies call home.

We are reintroduced to team RWBY (Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang) as they attend Beacon to become Huntresses, where they quickly figure out that becoming a Huntress is easier said than done, especially if you don’t work well with others.

The first two volumes of RWBY see our leading ladies become friends while thwarting some of Remnant’s biggest threats. And by the end of Volume 2, Team RWBY is renowned at Beacon Academy as one of the best teams in the school.

However, Volume 3 takes a huge shift as the four schools come together for the Global Fighting Tournament.

And as team RWBY and our other favorite Beacon teams make their way past their opponents, the threat against Beacon and the world of Remnant grows until the time is right for Beacon to fall.

Not to give too much away before anyone who hasn’t caught up to go do so, but the World of Remnant and all of our favorite characters from the series will all be changed by the events of Volume 3 and when we finally start Volume 4, we’ll fast forward six to eight months to dive right into the next conflict.

RWBY Volume 4 will premiere Oct. 22 on Rooster Teeth.

So what are you looking forward to the most about RWBY Volume 4? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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