Rustler (Grand Theft Horse) is Galloping to Steam Early Access February 18

Ready for some Grand Theft Horse?
Ready for some Grand Theft Horse? Games Operators

What do you get if you put GTA in a medieval setting? It appears that’s what Rustler (Grand Theft Horse) is aiming for in Steam Early Access on February 18. It’s top-down and open-world feature brings to mind the style and gameplay of the old GTA games.

Before we take a closer look at what this game has to offer, you can view the rather hilarious live-action teaser below:

Guy Who?

In the game, players take on the role of the character simply known as The Guy. Why is he called that? It turns out players were too lazy to even give him an actual and proper name. Also, so-called moral dilemmas don’t really exist for The Guy, compared to most games that put players on various difficulties. For him, being good is about getting profits while anything else can be classified as bad. It’s that simple. As The Guy, it is the players that make the rules.

Some Comedy Gold

Rustler is offering a new and fun way with a world that features humor and some pop culture references. For example, the Medieval Martial Arts Arena where cage fights happen. How about joining a cult that believes the Earth is round? Not satisfied? What about getting towed for being in a “No Horse Zone?”

Fight for Fame

Being in the medieval period, it’s clear that players should expect to experience some combat, and Rustler has lots to offer in that aspect. Get to fight using usual weapons of old like crossbows, spears, and swords. Those looking for some extraordinary weapons can opt to use turds or even horses.

Why the need to experience combat? Because you’ll need it, among others, in order to win the Great Tournament. Ultimately though players need to get a bit creative if they want to stay ahead of the competition. Players can either form alliances, even weird ones, or better yet, go for some double-cross.

Bard Music Available

Did we mention that you actually have a sort of a sidekick? That’s right, you have a bard who’s not going to leave your side. In fact, in the midst of battle, the bard can even change the song to be in tune with what’s happening. Not to worry though since if you don’t like what he’s playing, you can always punch him in the face.

So, what do you think? Excited to try this game?

While waiting for its release, you can download and play Rustler: Prologue for free here. You can also wishlist the full version here.

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