StressOut Heading to Steam Early Access on December 10

Time to let out some stress.
Time to let out some stress. Vrmadillo

StressOut is finally heading to Steam Early Access. The wait won't be long since the rollout is on December 10. This game is designed for players who are all about destruction and wreaking havoc.

You can view the trailer below:

In the game, players find themselves inside a shopping mall, frozen in time. To get out, they simply need to destroy everything as quickly as possible. What makes this VR game more fun is not just the addition of humans, but the refreshing and hilarious voice lines they have.

The game features full-finger tracking from Valve Index. With the use of multi-finger and hand gestures, players should be able to experience the game on a new level. Those who own WMR headsets shouldn't worry. The implementation is in the works.

So, what else does the game offer? The latest addition is known as “WTF” levels. These levels have no gravity, allowing players to use portals, and smoothen locomotion. There’s even the choice to go for the teleport option, or just walk and run around. To deliver the ultimate destruction, players can throw heavy objects around to destroy nearby buildings.

In a statement, the development team showed that the reason they created a destruction game is that “it's in our nature, or at least it was when we were kids, to try to break things.” They said that we were all taught not to do it though. People had a tendency to get mad. If people break stuff as an adult, consequences are sure. And you do it, people around you will get mad. Consequences include reimbursing the owner or, worse, having the authorities called. The team added that this “is why we created StressOut, a world where one can go beyond the limitations of the real world.”

Game developer VRmadillo Studio finally managed to set a day for the Early Access release. It is due to the “recent success of the Open Beta weekend.” The game will also reach HTC’s Viveport on December 14.

So what do you think? Ready to let go of those inner frustrations and smash that grocery store?

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