Rust: Explore the Sea with New Drivable Tugboat in Deep Sea Update

Abyss Item Pack Facepunch Studios

Get ready for a splash as Facepunch Studios delivered a water-themed patch for you to enjoy! The major highlight of the Deep Sea update is the vastly improved water system.

Once you hop onto Rust, you will notice that the bodies of water now look more realistic and visually appealing. Moreover, the large ocean waves adapt to weather conditions. For instance, wave height is bigger when there's a storm.

Aside from that, you can traverse the waters with the new Tugboat, which requires fuel to operate. What separates this from other watercraft is that you can install doors and deploy items inside. Keep in mind that the doors can be breached by attackers, so be sure to fortify your Tugboat if you don't want them to claim what's inside.

When the ship gets damaged, do not worry. It can be repaired with a trusty hammer. You have to be quick, though, as the Tugboat will sink if you don't repair the damaged parts in time.

Additionally, the company added the Abyss Item Pack to the game's permanent store. For $12.99, you'll get the Abyss Divers Suit, Abyss Assault Rifle, Abyss Metal Pickaxe, Abyss Metal Hatchet, and Abyss Torch - items that are definitely fit for this water-themed update.


New Features

  • New Ferry Terminal monument


  • Driver now visually holds and turns the wheel on the RHIB
  • Added turn on/off animations for torches
  • Shipping container skin meshes now batched
  • Caves lighting has been refreshed/fixed in areas where lights were too bright/too dark


  • Fixed voicemail failing to initialize properly when a cassette is inserted into a Telephone
  • Fixed some console warnings when listening to voicemails
  • Boom boxes that fail to connect to a streaming URL will now be able to reconnect to another URL if they are turned off/on
  • Fixed pools receiving too much water from sprinklers leading to excess water
  • Fixed Industrial Conveyor screen not showing moving items if those items were being stacked onto an existing item
  • Improved server performance with some problematic Industrial configurations
  • Fixed NVG screen effect scaling with UI scale, should now be consistent regardless of resolution or UI scale
  • Fixed torch/rocks skins not properly being applied on a fresh spawn
  • Fixed foot IK being applied incorrectly after being forcibly dismounted from a vehicle (eg. crashing a minicopter)
  • Fixed incorrect tooltip rendering
  • Fixed able to splash damage inside walls of shipping container walls with rockets from outside
  • Updated available radio stations
  • Fixed boat wake effects being framerate-dependent

So, are you ready to take a deep dive?

Rust: Deep Sea update is available on PC.

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