Rust: Eye in the Sky Update Adds New Filtering Options and Industrial Crafter Improvements

Eye in the Sky Update
Eye in the Sky Update Twitter/@playrust

Players were able to create and use automated systems in Rust’s previous major patch. In the Eye in the Sky update, new filtering options are added, giving players more control over the things that can be automated.

There are three number-based filters that players can modify per item. The first is maximum, which will prompt systems to stop moving items if there is greater than the amount provided in the output container. This works the same way since the Industrial update was released a month ago.

The second allows players to set the minimum amount that they want to preserve in the input container. Any number in excess of the specified amount will be moved. For example, if players have set the minimum to 40 wood and they currently have 50 wood in the container, only 10 of them will be moved.

New Filtering Options
New Filtering Options Facepunch Studios

The third and final number-based filter is Buffer. This is the old minimum behavior where the system will only move items in predetermined buffer sizes. If the buffer is set to 40 wood and there are 50 wood in the container, 40 wood will be transferred. This is what players should be adjusting if they want to provide the Industrial Crafter with a steady stream of supplies for crafting.

Speaking of which, the Industrial Crafter in Rust now has four blueprint slots, allowing players to craft multiple items without hooking up several conveyors to do the same thing. In terms of prioritization, the Industrial Crafter will look left to right and craft the first blueprint if it has the necessary materials for it.

Industrial Crafter Now Has Four Blueprint Slots
Industrial Crafter Now Has Four Blueprint Slots Facepunch Studios


  • Reduced minimum gap between pipe points
  • Can hold Shift to place entities on top of other deployed entities
  • Reworked Maximum and Minimum filter behavior and added a Buffer mode
  • Improved pipe generation performance and fixed pipes being regenerated too often
  • Added a green pipe color
  • Added an extra slot for storage adaptors on the front of small boxes
  • Electric Furnace and Storage Adaptor performance improvements
  • Added a UI visualization to show what buffer transfers are in process
  • Reduced volume of Industrial sounds
  • Industrial Crafter will now only make noise when it is crafting
  • Industrial Crafter will now pulse red if it’s output storage is full
  • Various server garbage collection improvements
  • Fixed some cases where blueprints wouldn't respect number based item filters
  • Fixed sometimes being unable to build in areas where pipes used to be
  • Ziplines should now be much less likely to kill the player if they collide with the terrain
  • Ziplines should now use alternate paths more often if the terrain is too close to the desired zipline
  • Fixed some cases where the Repair resources required UI wouldn’t appear when attempting to repair an entity
  • Fixed contacts button staying disabled permanently after connecting to a server with contacts disabled
  • Fixed water catchers no longer filling up with water when connected to a full water container

Rust Eye in the Sky update is available on PC.

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