RuneScape Makes Changes to Daily Challenges for Better Gameplay Experience

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RuneScape is making big changes this week and it is about the Daily Challenges. This is done as an improvement to the gameplay experience. There are also some new Weekly Rewards that players can enjoy.

According to the RuneScape team, a lot of players have been stuck with challenges that aren't appealing, which resulted in players getting backlogs. There are also current tasks that seem to be a little imbalanced along with rewards, which feel stale.

With that in mind, here are some changes players can expect:

  • Players get three Daily Challenges each day.
    • These expire at the end of the day before being replaced by three more.
  • Completing a Daily Challenge awards a Large Lamp.
    • With the first change, that means up to three rewards per day.
  • Vis Wax has more value than ever before.
    • A re-roll of the Daily Challenges now only costs 10 Vis Wax.
    • Extending a Challenge now costs 30 Vis Wax and doubles its Weekly progress.

The changes arrive in the game courtesy of an update that also makes changes to the daily Challenge Objectives. Learn more about it here.

Meanwhile, details of the Weekly Challenges are:

  • Completing a Daily Challenge lets players progress to the new Weekly Reward Track. There’s a track for free-to-play players and another for Members.
  • Every three Dailies completed unlocks a Weekly Reward. Get as much as seven unlocks per week.
  • Rewards include:
    • Silverhawk Down
    • Dungeoneering Tokens
    • Cash Bag
    • Deathtouched Dart
    • Gift For the Reaper
  • The Weekly Track contains Challenge Skip Tokens. This lets players swerve the objective and immediately claim rewards.
  • RuneScape Members receive rewards from both the Member and free-to-play tracks. Non-members only get the free-to-play goodies.

Membership Benefits

Speaking of Members, RuneScape announced that the Premier Club 2022 is now available. Highlights include the Dawnforged Armour Set and the Greatsword Override. There’s also a very special pet, which is the mystical Sol The Unicorn.

Premier Club also offers Members monthly drops which offer special items and even access to Premium Yak Tracks, +100 Bank Spaces, and other bonuses. Subscription is priced at $69.99. Learn more about it here.

RuneScape is available on PC.

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