RuneScape Introduces New Yak Track in Newest Update

Reach for the light.
Reach for the light. Jagex

A new Yak Track is now live in RuneScape and brings with it exclusive rewards. Titled "Yak to the Light," this track has players show their loyalty to the elven goddess Seren. It’s going to be available until July 11.

In RuneScape, a Yak Track is a recurring promotional event where players get to earn rewards by finishing specific tasks as well as progression. For this new event, 50 tasks are available for everyone to complete. Like in previous events, there are free and premium tracks.

With each tier finished, new and exciting rewards are up for grabs. The Seren Crystal armor set is offered to both tracks. Other rewards include the Iorwerth Warrior Armor or the magical owl pet Amelia. Players who want rewards from both tracks need to get the Premier Pass.

It’s also the second week of the Battle of the Monolith so don’t forget to go to the Archaeology Guild. Players with Non-Iron accounts get a 10% XP boost by simply being part of the event.

Mobile Closed Beta

In a post, the RuneScape Team revealed that the mobile closed beta is over and they thanked iOS playtesters for feedback and support. This also means that players can no longer access the game, however, iOS players can still preorder it to receive a push notification once it’s ready for download.

Android players can now pre-register for the game at the Play Store.

Patch Notes

This latest update also brings bug fixes that include:

  • The 10% XP boost from Elder God Wars: Battle of the Monolith now expires correctly and no longer applies to Ironman accounts.

  • Players can once again place Dwarven Multi-cannons inside allowed instanced areas.

  • Relomia now shows up to her own party at the Jolly Boar Inn for the Once Upon a Time: Flashback mini-quest.

  • All locked-out players should now have received their additional bonus charge on their Guardian's Gift.

    • Players that used all their charges before this hotfix can now reclaim the Guardian's Gift from Diango.

  • ​Players are now able to use their Travelling Merchant Coupon to access the Travelling Merchant's stock at the Deep Sea Fishing Hub.

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