Rumor: Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Will Have A 200-Player Battle Royale Mode

Take this in with the biggest grain of salt possible.r
Infinity Ward will talk about their upcoming Modern Warfare title on E3 Coliseum on June 11.
Infinity Ward will talk about their upcoming Modern Warfare title on E3 Coliseum on June 11. Infinity Ward

It’s time to get those salt shakers out once again, as we have another batch of rumors incoming. This time, new rumors are referring to the next Call of Duty title, the highly-anticipated return of Modern Warfare.

Infinity Ward’s return to the series is launching this October, and so far, the game has been largely shrouded in mystery. This is honestly surprising for a series like Call of Duty, which is quite well-known for having leaks about its many aspects drop way before launch. For the most part, the developer and publisher Activision have mostly focused on showing off the campaign, which is one of the game's highlights. However, if this next set of rumors are to be believed, then Modern Warfare will also be the setting for one of the biggest battle royale modes we have seen in video games to date.

As first dropped by YouTube channel TheGamingRevolution, which has quite the reputation for leaking Call of Duty news in the past, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will have a battle royale mode that supports up to 200 players. Up until now, we have mostly seen games go for half that amount, and sometimes even lower – a 200-player free-for-all requires quite the logistics, and it remains to be seen how Infinity Ward will implement such a thing, if there is any bearing to the rumors at all.

A Reddit post (now deleted) has also summarized most of the talking points in the video, some of which you can check out below.

  • Apparently, production on the battle royale mode started a few months ago, and wasn’t planned from the get go.
  • Clues suggest that the battle royale map will be in Russia.
  • As of now, the new engine allows for 150-player battle royale, but the 200-player mode is still either being planned or scrapped entirely.
  • The battle royale map is two to three times larger than that of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode.
  • It is 30 percent done, as Infinity Ward is focusing on the other multiplayer modes and the single-player campaign, both of which will be ready at launch.

In any case, it will be interesting to see if these rumors hold any weight to them at all. Stay tuned here with us for more on this as it develops.

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